How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

rick simpson oil

Rick Simpson Oil also known as RSO is originally invented by an engineer named Rick Simpson. He made this Rick Simpson Oil to help those people who are suffering from different kinds of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, infections, melanoma, and leukemia. Rick Simpson is a cancer patient before. He is about to give up and even decided … Read more

Comparison of the Different Types of Marijuana Lights

different types marijuana lights

There are literally hundreds of different types marijuana lights to choose from when talking about growing marijuana. The sheer quantity and many different types could confuse even the more experienced growers. But then again, the type of growing light you choose should be carefully thought of because it affects your yields more than you’ll know. Different Types of Marijuana Grow … Read more

All You Need To Know About Coco Coir Nutrients For Marijuana

coco coir nutrients for marijuana

So you’ve already heard all about coco coir nutrients for marijuana as a growing medium for your seeds. Using coco coir is another way of performing hydroponics for marijuana plants. Hydroponics are methods of growing plants with which the main growing medium is not soil. When using coco coir, any supplement made for hydroponics will work most definitely well. How to … Read more