The Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds To Grow Today

best indoor cannabis seeds

Not all cannabis seeds can grow successfully indoors, so you have to make sure you’re choosing strains suitable for indoor cultivation. Here are some of the cannabis strains you can grow indoors: White Widow It is a famous Dutch strain that responds well to SOG or “screen of green” method. White Widow can grow indoors and outdoors. If you grow … Read more

After Germinating Cannabis Seeds

germinating cannabis seeds

When your cannabis seeds have germinated, the next thing you will do is to take care your seedlings. Your marijuana plants are now starting their life cycle and they need a care from you because they are at a vulnerable stage. First step after germination: Provide your seedlings enough amount of sunlight after germination. Light plays an important role in … Read more

How to Cure Root Aphids in Your Cannabis Plants

root aphids cannabis

One of the hardest things to deal with when you are growing cannabis is pest infestation. There are three common pests that affect cannabis plants: fungus gnats, spider mites and root aphids and of all the tree, root aphids are the most painstaking to remove. A Closer Look at Grape Phylloxera – Cure Root Aphids Cannabis Root aphids cannabis are … Read more