Sweet Tooth AutoFlowering Seeds

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Sweet Tooth is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that you’ll want to grow soon. It is an award-winning strain taking the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup first place for its fantastic flavor and effects. This kush variety can flower fast and will give you very dense yields. 

Sweet Tooth is a lovely, lively plant that comes with deep green leaves with hints of purple come harvest time. It will give you nugs with layers of trichomes and has a sweet flowery smell and taste that will linger in your mouth for a long time.  

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  • Type – indoor and outdoor
  • Growing –  easy
  • Flowering Time – 50 to 65 days
  • Indica/Sativa –  indica dominant (90% indica, 10% sativa)
  • Effect – euphoric, happy, creative, relaxed and uplifted
  • THC – 22%

Origin of Sweet Tooth AutoFlowering Strain

Crossing a classic Afghani x Hawaiian and a Nepali strain produces a Sweet Tooth. As you can see, this strain takes after its Afghani parent its fantastic smell and aroma and its awesome effects and appearance from its Nepali parent strain.

Effects of Sweet Tooth AutoFlowering Strain

Sweet Tooth lives up to its name. It offers a sweet cerebral euphoria that’s followed by the total mind and body relaxation. It can uplift your mood to make you giggle and laugh all day. It can relieve stress, stop depression, and can also be used to conquer pain. But take it moderately because it can lead to paranoia and couchlock if you’re not careful.  

Growing Sweet Tooth AutoFlowering Strain Tips and Other Information

Growing Sweet Tooth is easy because it is forgiving and flowers quickly in just 50 days. Maintain good nutrition till flowering time to achieve large purple and dense nugs with layers of snowy trichomes. And since this is a auto strain, you’ll never have to worry about seedy buds again. You’ll grow an all-female garden the easiest way.

7 reviews for Sweet Tooth AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Carol Martinez

    Sweet tooth auto flowering is always been my favorite ever since. This is the most excellent hybrid marijuana for me. I love it offers the sweet cerebral euphoria that keeps my mind and body the relaxation I ever wanted. Lastly It can relieve my stress, it helps me to stop my depression, and can also be used to conquer my pain.

  2. Tyker Armstrong

    Harvested Sweet Tooth and had no issues with the plant. Nice sticky and dense buds. Smells like bubblegum and sour grape flavor. Smoked a bowl after curing and it’s a light clean high. Very soothing on the muscles with no heavy stone. This strain is very easy to grow! Loyal customer here!

  3. Gilbert Carpenter

    This pheno responded extremely well to topping and LST and she turned out lovely. She has a very strong smell like pine with some fruit and the flavor is very sweet. I love the relaxed sensation that it gave to my mind and body. Amazing quality weed for my first harvest! I will be back for more Sun West Genetics!

  4. Gene Weaver

    It was a very nice plant. I got the largest nug in this run. It has really dense flowers and super sweet smell. The purple color of the buds are fascinating. It has an excellent taste. Really boosts your mood, euphoric and great for day or night. Sun West Genetics, your genetics are insanely good!

  5. Marc Greene

    I love growing Sweet Tooth because It is a very easy plant to grow with amazing flavor and smell. The high is wonderful! It’s a relaxing, giggly, and happy feeling. It helped me so much because of my depression. This strain is AMAZING! I will definitely be growing this beautiful lady again! Great job SWG!

  6. Reginald Elliot

    It’s a great harvest with high quality buds. The nugs produce beautiful colors and with just the right density. I love the uplifting, energetic, happy high effects that last quite some time. This is the best tasting strain I have ever had!

  7. Roy King

    It’s super easy in fact and anyone can grow it. I really loved growing this strain very strong smelling but has a nice vibe to it. It’s a good grow for beginners and produces a lot of weed. Very pleased with the results and will definitely for grow more!

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