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More About CBD Sour Tangie

Ignites Energetic and Creative Nature

CBD Sour Tangie is a quick-to-grow strain during the vegetative stage. It has a THC level of 0.60 percent and a 9 percent CBD with a ratio of 1:25. CBD Sour Tangie is a crossbreed of Sour Diesel and Tangie. It gives 80 percent Sativa effects that bring together the original Sour Diesel aroma. This Tangie nature of this marijuana strain, providing elevating buzz with very strong citrus notes.

CBD Sour Tangie is perfect for cannabis growers that are easy to grow. It flowers fast with a life cycle shorter as compared to other cannabis Sativa strains. The terpene profile enables this strain to provide citrusy and lovely, especially when cultivated in organic soil. It produces medium-sized yields with dense cannabis buds and thick resin.

In about nine to 10 weeks, the flowering period ends when cultivated indoors. This marijuana plant produces tightly bound, and small petals dusted in kief across buds. When smoked, the flavor of this cannabis strain, resembling sour fruit peels with hints of earth and diesel. A robust pungency is described as beautiful flowers combined with bitter lime citrus scents and lemon peels.

CBD Sour Tangie provides a great energy level with a friendly high for pleasant morning and afternoon marijuana strain. It induces relaxation that is recommended for patients with exhaustion, depression, stress, and acute and chronic pain.

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