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More About Skunk

Typical Genetics from Around the World

This strain's genetics have been used for decades as a basis for a lot of popular and highly value strains that exist in the modern-day. This strain has genetics from different regions in the world, such as locations in Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia. Due to its lot of use and cultivation, this strain comes in a variety of structures.

The Skunk can grow well in both indoor and outdoor settings. In addition, it has a flowering period within 55 days. If you are going to plant, it indoors the strain can reach for up to 110cm tall, and it has the potential to produce yields for as much as 6oo grams of buds per square meter. While in an outdoor setting, with an approach to some good standard soil and with an appropriate amount of sunlight, it has the potential to burst an up to 200 cm tall, releasing the Sativa genetics in it. Compare to indoor yields, and outdoor yields can have a superior growing of plants. In an outdoor setting, expect to have as much as 650 grams of tasty buds per plant. They usually harvest it during the month of September or the early week of October.

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