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Ratio Marijuana Seeds is a strain with very high CBD content at 30%, making it the best bet as a medicinal strain. Take note that there is barely any THC in the mix at just 1%! This strain has a calming, relaxed, and uplifted effect making it perfect for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, inflammation, migraines, and seizures.

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More About CBD Ratio (1:30)

Healing Connoisseur-quality Cannabis

Marijuana strains are usually known for their therapeutic benefits or their psychoactive effects. Most consumers want to experience a soothing symptom relief along with a thrilling high. However, too high THC levels in most strains are overwhelming for those users with low tolerance levels. If you want to grow cannabis strains for medicinal purposes, you can opt to grow high-CBD strains at very low THC levels for their healing effects without the high effects.

It’s now possible to plant high-CBD strains like CBD Ratio (1:30). This cannabis strain provides unparalleled CBD levels that reach up to 30 percent and almost negligible THC levels. CBD Ratio has really made a remarkable name for itself because of its exceptionally high in CBD with as much as 24 percent Cannabidiol content, offering long-lasting and immense relief from debilitating discomforts that are physical and psychological in nature. Because of lacking severe adverse effects, it is a better alternative medication one can consume without the worry of getting high. This plant is easy-to-grow and gives a prolific harvest of high-resin and connoisseur-quality buds.

1 review for Ratio

  1. Sam Anders

    Based on my research, this strain can effectively cure mental problems, and the day I started using this strain, my life has been easy and lighter than before; this strain makes me happy and takes away all the negative thoughts on my mind. Growing this marijuana strain was also very satisfying because it’s a very high-yielding and fast-growing plant, not to mention its floral and minty scent. I also didn’t encounter many problems growing this indoor, and I harvest a lot from this.

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