Purple Star Killer Marijuana Seeds

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More About Purple Star Killer (fem)

A Sweet Earth Indica Hybrid

Purple Kush and Star Killer, separately, are excellent Indica hybrids that provide exceptional benefits. Other than the medicinal and hallucinatory effects, both strains are easily cultivated. Amalgamating these two resulted in the creation of a new variety that acquires the unique characteristics of both sides.

Purple Star Killer feminized grows into a condensed plant that happens to be shaggy. Vertical space is never seen to be an issue. Diversely, the lateral spacing requires some supervision, especially if the leaves grow dense. Mainly because of the Afghani ancestry, the seed is highly compassionate and can indulge with the common errors made by beginners. Corrections are still to be promptly done to get a better chance of successful cultivation.

One thing to anticipate when using the Purple Star Killer is the typical earthy scent of Kush with a citrusy, sweet note. It is further pointed up by the fruity tastes of berry and grapes.

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