Powerplant Feminized Seeds

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Power Plant is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain created in 1997. It has high THC responsible for its powerful cerebral euphoria and stimulating high. Also, due to its top THC content, it is not for novice users who have a low tolerance to THC.

Because of its stimulating effect, Power Plant may be the perfect daytime strain. And if you’re an aspiring cannabis grower, you must not pass this opportunity to cultivate this strain. It can give you top yields with its earthy and peppery dense buds.  

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  • Type – indoor or outdoor
  • Growing – moderate
  • Flowering Time – 56 to 63 days
  • Indica/Sativa – sativa-dominant (65%  sativa and 35% indica)
  • Effect – euphoric, uplifted, talkative, social and pain-free
  • THC – 20%

Origin of Power Plant Feminized Strain

The true origin of Power Plant is unknown, but what is known is that this strain is a South African sativa landrace hybrid strain. It’s South African landrace lineage may be responsible for its very potent taste, powerful effects and its therapeutic characteristics  

Effects of Power Plant Feminized Strain

Power Plant causes cerebral euphoria. It can boost energy and enhance social activity. You will experience improved mood and feelings of creativity. You may experience hallucinations and paranoia, especially when you used a potent dose. And just like all sativa strains, Power Plant leads to hunger and sleepiness. 

Growing Power Plant Feminized Strain Tips and Other Information

Growing Power Plant is a good way to stock up on this impressive strain. It will grow dark green buds which may not be that dense and huge but may be trained to enhance yields. It is an award-winning strain that has received the second place in the 2006 HighLife Cup award. It is a strain that requires moderate growing skills. But when all its needs are followed to the T, the Power Plant can give you good yields in the quickest time.  

13 reviews for Powerplant Feminized Seeds

  1. Anthony L. Swain

    Powerplant Feminized Seeds is the best strain for me! Thanks SWG you’ve got the best marijuana seeds in the world.

  2. Marie Benešová

    I had a good start with the seeds, and now all grown. I am impressed with their growth and potential. Next week, I will harvest.
    Thanks! Highly recommend it!

  3. Timothy Manning

    I got a good smoke flavor with this. I will order again for more! Great company!

  4. Bruna Pinto

    I’ve bought 10 seeds. And all was perfect for me. So if you want to try, this one is good for you.. Loyal Customer here

  5. Theresa Palmer

    I bought 5 and I have no problem germinating it. All popped up!Good company!

  6. Sying Shih

    Descent yields, fast growing, and good smoke. Must try. Good for pain and stress.

  7. Zion Wijma

    All germinated, did not experience any problem growing this. Very potent. Amazing!

  8. Gordon Spencer

    This plant will give you dank, sticky buds dusted with sugar. The smell is quite citrusy. I felt an instant vigorous, extreme focus and I became chatty. I feel uplifted too, happy and it relaxed my muscles, all are in just one hit. One of the most potent strains I have had. If you like Sativa you will like this Powerplant.

  9. Dean Gardner

    Powerplant is a good strain that has a medium difficulty to grow. It smells very sweet and earthy and the smoke tastes sweet with each toke. It has an uplifting feeling with a great body high. Definitely worth the try!

  10. Greg Stephens

    The grow went nice with no problems. Super smooth, earthy taste with a pungent stink. The high comes on fast and is extremely powerful. This strain is definitely for experienced users. It’s a good day treat and very nice for chitchat. I will definitely recommend the Powerplant of Sun West Genetics!

  11. Jorge Payne

    It was a very easy round with minimum maintenance and care. It has an amazing smell and the gorgeous dense buds. Rush of euphoria with total relaxation. This is a great strain to smoke throughout the day. I recommend this strain for a good quality of buds from Sun West Genetics!

  12. Dustin Pierce

    The plant is strong and had no problems throughout the grow. The nugs are very dense and very good tasting. Nice uplifting and cerebral effects. The munchies are strong with this one too. The strong sativa effects are overwhelming. Thank you SWG!

  13. Don Wyatt

    This is one of the best grow I’ve had. Its a very good resistance and resilient to any issue with growing. This has been one the best and strongest strains. I would definitely grow this strain again and recommend it to anyone.

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