Power Plant

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Power Plant Marijuana Seeds will grow potent sativa-dominant cannabis plants. This strain is capable of producing good yields despite its average size. It comes with an 18% THC level and thus can provide a euphoric, uplifted, creative, and talkative effect. It is also a medicinal strain that can help treat arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and migraines.

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More About Power Plant (fem)

Perfect to Use for Social Occasions

This Power Plant (fem) Cannabis seed is just so ideal to use for social occasions. This is guaranteed to give you the results you want. This also best produces a higher yield indoor. Its THC level falls between 13 to 21 percent. This is interesting to use as it is perfect for social occasions.

This is exactly known to originate from the South African strain of marijuana. This can now be found in most coffee shops in Amsterdam. This is indeed a classic staple, even if it is not the number one seller. This has gained enormous popularity and recognition among other strains.

This is a given as this served as a power plant, as listed on the menu. This is enjoyed by many recreational users for the feelings it brings, like joy and happiness. This can cause a user to become talkative and social. This works well, especially during social gatherings. This is just a better option than the relaxing strains.

2 reviews for Power Plant

  1. R.Grimshaw

    Because I happened to appreciate a substantial amount, I was most taken away into much fun and joy. It was moderately intense, but it was uplifting and epic, and I wanted more. A terrific “high-yielder,” just as I expected. Even though I’m a seasoned grower, I believe that these seeds can produce high yields for even the most beginners. Give it a try! You will be amazed by your own results.

  2. J. Dann

    I normally avoid sativa dominant species because they make me nervous and my mind race, but this is my medication. This weed can be consumed at any time of the day. Particularly because of the energizing and motivated impact. With this cannabis, I’ve been able to concentrate and my mood swings have vanished. Breeding was a wonderful adventure that was not at all challenging. The plant is very large and produces impressive yields.

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