Oregon Underdawg Marijuana Seeds

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More About Oregon Underdawg (fem)

The Top THC Hybrid

Oregon Underdawg is a cross between 3 well-known strains, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Oregon Afghani, involving three different processes. With such eminent pedigree, this powerful hybrid gives a magnificent experience in cannabis to both recreational and medicinal enthusiasts. The mixture of all the typical characteristics obtained from its parents makes the Oregon Underdawg so wanted. However, this seed is a bit subtle. Thus, obtaining it in dispensaries is comparably difficult.

Opposite to what its name seems to suggest, Oregon Underdawg is never an underdog. It is even a favorite of many enthusiasts because of her excellent characteristics. Other than providing well-proportioned effects, it also relieves different ailments, thus making her the best buddy for much-anticipated relief. Furthermore, buds and fast-growing characteristic also makes yielding excellent buds achievable without putting too much effort. The seed flourishes in nearly any environment condition, and it is relatively compassionate towards minimal errors – thus, making it a good preparatory seed.

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