Orange x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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More About Orange x Skunk (fem)

An Irresistible Citrus Skunk

Orange X Skunk has an exquisite citrus aroma with a hint of skunk and a bit of rawness, suggesting at what is to happen. It provides stimulating effects, alerting the senses as it regains rationality. You may see the mental clarity a desirable layoff from the stress and anxiety that often associated with a disease or disorder.

You will not regret buying Orange X Skunk for your garden. Just like its parents, it is a potent plant with a captivating yield. It is a sour strain incorporated with the classical hints of orange and skunk. Its fruity aroma becomes a tasty combination of fleshy citrus touching the palate, wrapping the tongue with a sugary but flavorful taste. When exhaling, it leaves a homey aftereffect that harmonizes it out.

Its flavor makes the Orange X Skunk worthy of tasting. Its overwhelming lineage mostly catches the interests of many enthusiasts. The combination of sluggish relaxation and cerebral stimulation makes it the best choice.

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