Orange Velvet x Cinderella99 Marijuana Seeds

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A Tasty Pungent Cannabis with a Boosting Effect

The Orange Velvet x Cinderella99 has a revitalizing fragrance that suddenly awakens the mind. This effect inclines more to the tender side rather than a great rush. This marijuana strain also engages in mental transparency and even creativity. If you consume a small dosage, you feel a relaxing high that goes with a mental buzz without making much of a slowdown. Another effect of this strain as it gets into its peak, the desire to it becomes greater. When you consume an excess dosage, it could become massive, instead of the common effect such as dry eye, there are some people that use it may feel highly anxious.

Orange Velvet x Cinderella is a good-looking plant due to its skinny look makes it become more slender. Its leaves have a color light green, and its buds have a gold undertone. If you try to see them from a distance, its generous coating looks like sparkling, making it become like a small gem. To grow it in an indoor setting, some growers ensure that they provide a sufficient vertical space to grow this medium-size plant. You may also top it after three weeks of vegetation period to help to maintain its height and to provide its growth needs. Those growers may install a Screen of Green technique to manipulate its branches to create an even state upper canopy.

The lower nodes of this plant can be avoided from developing buds as it separates it from the light source. After 10 to 12 weeks of the flowering stage, every square meter can yield as much as 350 grams of buds. While in an outdoor setting, it tends to grow in a Mediterranean climate where it can get the right amount of sunlight. During the harvest period by the month of October, you may expect to have a minimum of 350 grams of buds per plant.

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