Orange Velvet x Cinderella99 Marijuana Seeds

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More About Orange Velvet x Cinderella99 (fem)

An Exquisite Honeylicious Strain

Orange Velvet X Cinderella99 is the dream of every indoor grower. Pint-sized and considerate plants prosper in your garden with the aroma of honey and oranges, and the common effects are soft, exquisite, and euphoric.

She is an adaptable strain. It produces a refreshing outstart matched with a mild yet stimulating blow. Consumed in the morning, it will initiate the day with a pleasant mood-boosting and inspiriting with the head high. Recreational users may use it to enliven confidence before attending a small occasion. Occasional users, on the other hand, can seize the benefit of its focus-developing quality. It helps one become dynamic and gratifying while also curbing fresh viewpoints to discuss issues or produce innovative ideas.

Orange Velvet X Cinderella99 possesses a tasty scent distinguished by powerful traces of fruit. During combustion, it creates a velvety smooth smoke that does not scrape the throat or trigger coughing. Rather, it covers the palate with tastes of flavorful citrus and oranges. Counterbalancing the sour taste is a sweet aftereffect.

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