OG Wedding fem

OG Wedding Feminized

The OG Wedding Feminized is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It is a crossbreed between two of the legendary strains, OG Kush and Wedding Cake. Its THC content measures about 20%, which is a perfect treat for all sorts of pain. This potent strain delivers a whole new level of energy and head-focused high that attracts more users.

In addition to its high, the effects bring many medical benefits including stress, anxiety, and chronic pain. This resinous plant is difficult to grow as it requires specific growing conditions and levels of nutrients to optimize its growth and production. But the good news is that it flowers fast, which is perfect for those impatient growers.

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OG Wedding Feminized Marijuana Seeds Strain Specifications

Type: Mostly Sativa, Feminized
Genetics Parents: OG Kush x Wedding Cake
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Warm / Temperate / Mediterranean
Yield: Unknown
Flavors: Sour, Citrus, Creamy, Musk
THC Level: 20%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Unknown
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Difficult

What are the Flavor and Effects of OG Wedding Feminized?

As for the aroma and flavor profile, OG Wedding features sour, citrus, and tangy flavors with notes of creamy musk that stays in the mouth.

Like many high THC strains, this strain is packed with a cerebral buzz that hits you almost immediately. It starts with a euphoria that boosts your energy and uplifts your spirit. This sought-after strain is known for its one-of-a-kind uplifting effect that provides the user with warmth like embracing a warming blanket. It is followed by the slight heaviness that travels from the head down through the limbs. The mild sedating effect will still allow you to function while feeling relaxed. Tasks that need more body movements may not be a good choice.

What are the Medical Benefits of OG Wedding Feminized?

Medically speaking, this strain has been widely used as an alternative for many medical conditions. Its therapeutic benefits are known to aid symptoms like depression, anxiety, and stress, getting rid of all the worries and negativity you have in mind, then replacing it with a blissful feeling. Its pain-killing properties can relieve those who are struggling with chronic aches and pains. The munchie effect can help stimulate the appetite, which is perfect for aiding those with eating disorders, nausea, and patients undergoing chemotherapy. Insomniacs can celebrate its sedative effect, helping you to get a peaceful and deep sleep.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from OG Wedding Feminized

As beneficial as this strain is, OG Wedding can trigger anxiety and paranoia if consumed above the recommended amount. It still carries the most common unpleasantness of dry eyes and dry mouth, but these are relived quickly with hydrating more fluids like water and juices and applying lubricating drops for the eyes. For starters, always go easy with high THC strains, as the last thing you need is an immobilizing high.

How to Grow OG Wedding Feminized Marijuana Seeds?

OG Wedding is mostly Sativa, featuring an earthy green sugar leaf pistil and faded water leaves. Adding up to its beautiful appearance are the heavy trichomes coated on the buds. This sticky weed is not an easy strain to grow. It requires expert hands to grow the seeds. The flowers start to bloom in 8-9 weeks, producing yields of healthy buds. OG Wedding thrives in an indoor and outdoor environment and any growing setup.

Growing the plant indoors is more suitable as the breeder can mimic the plant’s desired temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and its humidity level. Cultivating the plant outdoors, it performs well in a warm and temperate location.


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