OG Kush x Amnesia Marijuana Seeds

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More About OG Kush x Amnesia (fem)

An THC-Filled Citrus Experience

Her name may not sound too appealing, but the combination itself is indeed impressive. With the traits of two well-known cannabis strains, OG Kush x Amnesia is sure to provide the enthusiasts with an excellent and flavorful toking experience. This hybrid carries the taste of citrus and has a THC volume that ranges up to 24 percent both of its ancestors have.

OG Kush x Amnesia is fairly grown easily. However, as the plant reaches a height of 3 meters, it would require plenty of vertical space to expand. Since it has lengthy limbs, it will have enough space for its captivating buds.

Her smell is being associated with a basket filled with fresh citrus blended with the aroma of oakmoss. After satisfying the vapor, it goes into the mouth to also please the palate. A lemony flavor welcomes the tongue and heats it with a bit of pinecone dust.

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