Northern Lights x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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More About Northern Lights x Skunk (fem)

A Soothing Aromatic Hybrid

Northern Lights x Skunk is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is defined by its enduring and soothing effect. This is because of its 17 percent THC content and a composite terpene profile, mainly hereditary from the genetics of Northern Lights. To indulge a more potent growth and bigger yields without altering the mild and sweet aroma of this originating plant, it was blended with a Skunk.

Northern Lights x Skunk exhibits a solid structure and gives massive and rich buds, and, because of the influence of Skunk, it exhibits good resistance against molds, making it easy to cultivate by growers, whether an expert or a beginner. The plant is normally harvested at the start of October when outdoors, and after 55 to 60 days if grown indoors.

Her taste and aroma highlight a sugary, with incense and hints of musk, while its impact is extremely soothing, endorsed by the World of Seeds for therapeutical purposes.

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