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Like any other plant, cannabis needed nutrients in order to grow and to bear buds. While some people thought that it is easy to cultivate cannabis, in reality, it is not. You really need to look for it carefully and assure the quality of sunlight, nutrients, and water is supplied well in the course of its growth. Nonetheless, there are times that cannabis plants necessitate the power of supplements and or sometimes fertilizers that contains essential ingredients like phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium. However, there is also those silicate containing fertilizers that are also an option to be utilized. This article will help you understand the basics of silicon and its benefits to every cannabis plant. Likewise, this article will explore other options as related to other existing fertilizers.

What is Silicon?

Silicon is the eighth most common element located in the Universe. On earth, it’s a second most abundant naturally occurring elements and its rarely occur in pure forms while in Earth’s crust. However, approximately 90% of Earth’s crust is made up of silicate materials often incorporated in the sand, cement, and clay mixtures.

Silicon has been important to earth’s natural processes and plays a significant role in earth’s rock cycle. Likewise, this element has been used as alloys to produce steel and ferrosilicon. Other than that, it is known to aid in making bones stronger and to the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Benefits of Silicon to Cannabis Plants

Silicon has a lot of advantages not just through humans but also other living things like plants. Despite being a non-essential nutrient in plants, this mineral has been important to every plant’s growth and function. The following are some of the benefits of silicon to plants;

  1. Improve Nutrient Uptake

Studies show that silicon boosts out the transport of essential and non-essential minerals like Zinc, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Also, this chemical element elevates the amount of nitrogen into the plant’s system. Nitrogen is an essential nutrient that the plant needs in order to grow on.

  1. Resistance from Metal Toxicities

Silicon is known to prevent accumulation of toxic minerals like aluminum, copper, and iron into the plant’s system. This mineral also keeps everything balances out removing all the excess intake of nutrients. This also increases plant’s tolerances towards wilting and dying out.

  1. Promotes Plant’s Stability and Growth

This chemical compound enhances the cell’s reproduction because it improves out the cell wall’s quality and structure. Likewise, silicon is really not necessary for plant’s cell wall yet could be a good supplement to enhance cell wall’s characteristics. Nonetheless, the plant will grow healthy and will be strong resulting to thicker stems and highly branched out roots.

  1. Increase Protection Against Pests and Diseases

Sometimes it is really not better to spray out your plants with fungicides or pesticides because it could run out and kill off important nutrients and organisms like mycorrhizae that could strive over the plants. Silicon toughens out the plant’s cell walls that means insects and pathogens would put more effort before infestation it with pests and diseases.

Silicon Fertilizers and Supplements for Cannabis Plants

Not all cannabis plants could obtain all the essential and non-essential elements needed for growth and flowering. However, studies had shown that silicon is accumulated by 3% by cannabis plant’s tissues. But related studies show that silicon improves out greatly the health of cannabis plant producing bulkier flowers than the normal one. Also, it has been proven that cannabis plants with silicon supplements and fertilizers are more resistant to pests and molds that could cause damage to the plants. This is helpful in order to prevent out applying pesticides to cannabis plants. It should be remembered that the heart of a cannabis plant is its leaves and flowers. Spraying it with pesticides could increase health risks caused by the pesticides especially that it is smoked upon.

Application of Silicon to cannabis plants could come out to various sources. You could use compost made from rice hulls, dried leaves, and coconut peat. But the problem of most compost is that it is insoluble and does not absorb directly by the plant. It is extremely needed to water out regularly the soil in order for it to be usable for uptake within the plant. But then, that could cause you a large amount of time and uncertainty of the amount of silicon that could be poured upon your plants. Likewise, this problem also occurs when putting up quartz crystals or sand in plant’s soil. That is why most cannabis growers employ the utilization of silicon supplements and fertilizers for their plants.

In order for the plant to absorb silicon, you need to put fertilizers in the form of monosilicic acid or potassium silicate as what it is being sold to different agricultural and botanical shops. Aside from that, accumulation of such fertilizer provides you supplemental potassium nutrient. Before application, it should remember to adjust out the pH of the soil because this chemical is highly alkaline. After then, this chemical compound will likely get absorbed into the plants and transported into the plant’s system. This is then will be stored out in the form of silicon to be used by plant’s cells.

For purchase, you could check on existing agricultural store and online shops for the availability of such products. This could exist as fertilizers or supplements so it is better to check on and read the guidelines before application of this type of fertilizer.

To note on, these products are only supplemental ingredients to increase the nutrients and improve the nutrition of the plant. This is not extremely needed with every cannabis but it could be helpful to employ such substances.

Would Plants get Overdose with Silicon?

Although this is quite rare occurrences, there is a possibility of overdose with silicon to plants. Like any other substances, everything in excess is absolutely harmful. Flowers of sunflower and gerbera has subsequent deformation of flowers after examination of excessive silicon content. Likewise, there has been no significant studies related to cannabis flowers. Different plants needed various percentages of silicon. As for cannabis, adding silicon into it has shown positive effects. Likewise, there have been no related silicon toxicity with cannabis plants.

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