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More About Mochalope (fem)

Mochalope (fem): A Heavy Mocha Combo Bud

Mochalope has set itself different from other cannabis strains because of the emitting distinct aromas of coffee and chocolate. Furthermore, this Indica-dominant hybrid has high THC levels that even surpasses the requirement for great relaxation. Her taste is an enticing treat to many enthusiasts. A heavy, homey scent composes the majority of its flavor description emphasized by the persuading flavors of coffee and chocolate with spicy and sweet notes.

Mochalope is a feminized seed that originated from Oregon Afghani. Her name is taken from its fragrance, and it is a pleasure for medicinal and recreational use. Likewise, it is a rapacious originator of heavy-resin buds. Growing this seed is commonly done using a traditional approach or exploiting a training process. Either way, it prospers outdoors and indoors. Being exposed to proper growing conditions, you can look forward to the feminized seeds to generate abundant yields.

On fragrance, taste, and cultivation, Mochalope is essentially for everyone, excluding the high.

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