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How Many Maximum Yield Cannabis Can You Expect from Your Cannabis Growing Plants

If you are a cannabis enthusiast that is eager to know about maximum yield cannabis on your own, here is one thing that you should know: growing cannabis is part art and part science. Home growers of cannabis are artistic because they serve as a guide for their plants, from the beginning of their lives until they achieve harvest time. It is like they are conductors that are listening for any signal that can show them if something is amiss.

But cannabis growing also has a scientific side. There are numerous ways to find the right formula for a well-balanced weed garden. For a grower to achieve success, it is very important for growers to not only focus on their artistic exploration but rather focus on achieving quantifiable results or maximum yield cannabis.

The Basics of Maximum Yield Cannabis

To measure the success of your cannabis garden, you can do it this way. Divide how much was spent with how much was harvested. For instance, if you have spent 100 dollars in the materials, labor, and nutrients on one cannabis plant and you were able to produce around a kilogram of cannabis, then each half kilo took 50 dollars to produce.

But, in general, the average plant yield of marijuana is going to depend on a few important factors. The main one would be the cannabis strain that you chose to grow, and this factor is followed by the environment where you would choose to grow the cannabis plant.

To give a rough estimate, most plants come with an average yield between 150 to 300 grams of dried weed. If you want to know the specifications of your cannabis crops, here are specific things to look into.

How Much Maximum Yield Cannabis That Is Grown Indoors?

Growing cannabis plants indoors, in particular, grow room, can provide significant control over most critical environmental factors, which can be considered as a great help in maximizing a grower’s possible yield. The only challenge for an indoor grower is to simulate an artificial growing space that resembles and mimics the natural environment of a marijuana plant when it is growing outdoors.

Here are some factors that can greatly affect the yield:

Lighting – A cannabis grower should expect to see around 1 gram of dried buds for every watt produced by the grow lights. For instance, if a grower is using a 600 watt light, they should expect to produce 600 grams worth of maximum yield cannabis. So, if an indoor grower is seeking to get the most out of their grow room, they should as much light as possible.

Nutrients – For the sustenance of cannabis plants, the number of nutrients that you feed them can as much as double the average plant yield. The proper nutrients can be provided when using fertilizer in soil or creating a super soil. For nutrients that would feel natural to a cannabis plant, the most effective would be using a fertilizer that is present in the dirt way before the plant was established there.

Air quality – Cannabis plants can thrive in a growing area where there are higher levels of carbon dioxide. If you want to reproduce this, you just need to have sufficient air exchanging so that carbon dioxide is continuously drawn from the outside.

Room to grow – Just like any other plant, the cannabis plant requires an ample amount of space to grow healthily in. If you notice any of your plant’s leaves touching light fixtures of bumping grow room walls, your overall yield can suffer for it. Not only will you worry about stretching everything out. It will also be impossible for the cannabis plant to receive the amount of lighting that it needs because the walls are too narrow and can create unnecessary shadows.

Humidity and temperature – Moisture and temperature in the grow room are things that all cannabis growers should consider. These two factors help the cannabis plant to produce more potent buds and substantial yields. For optimal results, you should maintain 24 to 26 degrees Celsius grow room temperatures with about 50 percent humidity levels.

The young person held in his hand sprout of medical marijuana. Cannabis plant growing indoor. Source:

The Numbers: Average Cannabis Plant Yield (In Grams)

There can be a few slight discrepancies between the lowest and highest average yields that growers should expect. Lower yields are geared more towards growers that lack experience, and the higher yields will usually be produced by experienced cultivators. Pro tip: you should never have more than four cannabis plants per grow light, and do not forget that the grow room fixtures and the entire area of your grow room are both highly necessary parts of producing the best yield possible.Here are some significant details that you should take note of.

  • To establish a typical cannabis plant yield that is between 40 grams and 100 grams of dried weed, you will need a 200 Watts light fixture, which should be cultivated in the area that measures 1-meter x 0.5-meter x 2 meters.

  • To establish a typical cannabis plant yield that is between 80 grams and 250 grams of dried weed, you will need a 250 Watts light fixture that should be in a space that is approximately 1-meter x 0.5-meter x 2 meters.

  • To establish a typical cannabis plant yield that is between 100 grams and 400 grams of dried weed, you will need a 400 Watts light fixture that should be in a space that is approximately 1-meter x 1-meter x 2.5 meters.

  • To establish a typical cannabis plant yield that is between 150 grams and 600 grams of dried weed, you will need a 600 Watts light fixture that should be in a space that is approximately 1.2 meters x 1.2 meters x 2.5 meters.

  • To establish a typical cannabis plant yield that is between 250 grams and 1000 grams of dried weed, you will need a 1000 Watts light fixture that should be in a space that is approximately 1.5 meters x 1. 5 meters x 2. 5 meters.

Growing Using Soil versus Using Hydroponics

If you are using soil for your indoor growing, you should expect a lesser production compared to using hydroponic methods. This is because, with hydroponics, the growers can fully control the number of nutrients that the plants get to receive.

On the one hand, you can also consider that though yields can be lower when using soil, this method calls for easier growing skills as it comes with a buffer for error, and it holds nutrients well. On the other hand, if you choose to grow cannabis hydroponically, there is a chance to get 20 percent higher yields. But, this is only possible if you do not make mistakes. Hydroponics calls for commitment and experience, as one single mistake can ruin the entire yield.

Maximum Cannabis Yield Per Plant

Indoor cannabis growing comes with a great deal of uncertainty, especially when it comes to yield. But, if you want to reach maximum yield cannabis, make sure that you prioritize lighting. You can getter a better yield if you choose a smaller number of plants per one to grow light. Also, consider the following things:

Managing four plants, one per light would be much easier than trying to manage 16 plants.

  • The vegetative stage can last even longer if you settle with growing 4 plants at a time.
  • Remember that with only 4 plants, the entire crop would be ruined if even a single plant acquires a disease or dies.
  • 4 plants are the perfect number if subtle growing is what you are after.
  • If you use a 600 Watt lamp and you grow 4 plants, you could expect about 5 ounces of dried weed per plant.

Maximum Cannabis Yield If You Grow Your Plants Outdoors

Cannabis plants that are grown outdoors can reap a harvest as much as the ones that have grown indoors can. It can be achieved as long as the growers seek to provide similar growing conditions. If you experience desirable conditions, you could see yields that can be as high as one pound of weed per cannabis plant.

For ideal growing conditions, consider the following things. The plants need at least 2 meters of space, lots of water, nutrients, freedom from harmful pests, and freedom from diseases. They should also use containers that are at least 15 gallons or 50 liters. If you would seek to grow in containers, make sure that you germinate the seeds early to regulate the growing conditions of the seedlings.

Final Thoughts
Cannabis planting can be a fun adventure that leads to high yields, as long as you do proper research before you begin this unique journey. As many factors dictate how great the yields can become, the best thing to do is to decide first on the key elements of growth. Consider your grow space and your budget, then choose the strain and the available tools that you need to get to start your own personal cultivation journey.

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