Maxigom Autoflower

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Maxigom Marijuana Seeds is a fast flowering strain with indica-dominant characteristics. It is a strain with very low THC at only 10%, making it a good medicinal strain. It grows small, only 70 to 100 cm tall, with only 60 to 80 grams of yield per plant and around 500 to 600 grams per square meter. It flowers late, but once it does, you’ll get buds with pineapple, sweet, pine, and citrus flavors.

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5 Seeds Pack $65.00
10 Seeds Pack $120.00
25 Seeds Pack $240.00


More About Maxigom Autoflower 

The One You Shouldn’t Ignore!

Are you looking for an auto strain with maximum effect and flavor? If that is the case, you will never go wrong with Maxigom Autoflower. She is a great auto strain that has so many good things to offer. Aside from having the sweetest deal for flavor and effect, she is also rising in popularity for being so easy to cultivate.

Maxigom Autoflower is simply unique. Unlike other cannabis smokes, she settled for a gentle psychedelic high. So, she is a good cannabis strain to use whenever you feel stressed in the middle of the day. Don’t worry, she will get you high but never to the point that you can’t go back to work anymore. That is true, considering that she contains only 14-17% THC.

Her flowering process takes a little longer. That’s fine because she’s capable of producing hefty yields. By keeping her under the good growing conditions, you will enjoy seeing her every day.

1 review for Maxigom Autoflower

  1. Jonathan Maldonado

    SIMPLY UNIQUE STRAIN!!! It offers me a uplifted impact that gives my mind with clear-headed mind and leaves me total pain-free. An easy growing strain and ever since I have been cultivating this indoor and growing small but it gives me a lot of buds to harvest. It has the smell and flavor of pineapple, fruity, and also tropical which makes it more interesting. It only takes me 10 to 11 weeks to wait for it to become fully matured. It makes my mind focused and expands, I feel a light body high settle into my physical form.It makes me feel motivated and relaxed at the same time. And it also boosts my appetite which is good for me. I am now a fan of this strain!!!

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