Maple Leaf Marijuana Seeds

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More About Maple Leaf (fem)

Maple Leaf (fem): An Aromatic Citrusy Indica

For many years, Maple Leaf feminized has granted relaxation and alleviation to huge enthusiasts. Different from other common stretched leaf shape that is typical among Indica plants, the Maple Leaf is proud of its distinct look that resembles a maple leaf.

Maple Leaf feminized seeds are grown outdoors. Nonetheless, it still prospers when cultivated indoors. The reason why it can still flourish indoors is that growers can control the environment. Another way to cultivate it is by employing the method of hydroponics by which the vegetative, as well as the flowering period, is reduced while keeping the potential yield. Some growers, though, opt to use soil as their medium of cultivation to bolster better taste.

With the inevitable citrusy orange and sweet fragrance, Maple Leaf will captivate any enthusiast who gets to smell it. It emits a flavorful fragrance that combines the scent of citrus and earthy flavor.

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