Magnum Marijuana Seeds

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More About Magnum Autoflower 

Great Yields, Fantastic Taste Profile

If you are searching for an autoflowering strain with extraordinary qualities, then it might be the Magnum Auto. She’s a quality automatic strain that guarantees all the best you deserve – high yields, delightful tastes, and the classic sativa high that will keep you alive, happy, and satisfied for hours.

She has been known for her pungent effect. She induces a strong cerebral rush, which is spiraling high that tends to be so euphoric. When it comes to potency, you will never go wrong with her as she has average THC levels. It ranges between 12-15%, and that amount is already enough to get yourself feeling high but still able to focus and be productive.

Though her genetics remains to be a mystery, she continuously grows in fame with her generous yields that can reach 500 grams. You will never regret adding her to your garden.

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