M8 Marijuana Seeds

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More About M8 (fem)

A Strong and Powerful Psychoactive Strain

Although its origin is still not determined, the efficacy of M8 is sufficient to encourage the enthusiasts to try it. The peculiar strain possesses a THC level that is around 20 to 23 percent. Such psychoactive intensity makes it more adept at providing an outstanding level of high and a lot of mental stimulation.

Sativa happens to stretch excessively. However, M8 only prospers into a medium-sized plant. Locating the best place for the plant is always easy. It can flourish in cabinets and grow tents in average sizes. Simultaneously, it can flourish modestly in the backyard together with the other plants, turning guerrilla cultivation irrelevant.

M8 has a powerful sweet citrus buzz that vitalizes the senses and the mind instantly. While the olfaction luxuriates in the essence of lemon, a funky element crops up. It embellishes the aroma and flavor characterization of the bud, letting it be both refined and fresh simultaneously.

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