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More About LSD (fem)

A Intensive Psychedelic Strain

The LSD feminized seed took its name from LSD being the hallucinogenic drug. However, the weed is unique in such a way that it is an organic compound. Recreational enthusiasts even relish the intensive psychedelic high it offers.

A rapid evaluation in its ancestry can provide intuitiveness about the characteristics of LSD. It is the combination of Skunk #1, and the other parent strain is an inhabitant of the Mazar-I-Sharif in Afghanistan. Since it is commonly seen in harsh environments, it is relatively compelling and volatile. This seed is popular because of its mind-blowing effects.

LSD exudes a typical dank fragrance with an earthy and skunky blend. It is relatively high in flavor and can swiftly occupy the room. It creates a smoke, which, once inhaled, has a more asserted earthy flavor and leaves an aftertaste that is sweet to the palate. If privacy is a concern because of the powerful odor, planting indoors would be a good option. With that, cultivators can attach an odor-control filter.

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