Lowryder Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lowryder Autoflower 

Famous Auto Cannabis!

Lowryder Auto is a fantastic cannabis strain known for her aroma/taste profile and incredible flowering ability. She is good for medicinal and recreational use. She induces a soothing high that is never overwhelming. You will feel relaxed, euphoric, creative, and sociable. The soothing sensation is bound to last for hours.

You will enjoy fantastic notes in every toke. These include lemon, sour, sweet, and pungent notes that will linger to your taste buds for hours.

She is the leading cannabis strain when it comes to shorter blooming phase. Taking up to 8 weeks to finish this phase, get ready for a massive yield! She is pretty easy to manage, so she is great, even for beginners. Feel free to grow her indoors or outdoors. She will be fine, whatever the case. All these things make her highly suitable for everyday use. A must-have to your secret garden!

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