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Beautiful Lemon That has a Flowery End

This cannabis strain comes from three-way blends that consist of two magnificent genetics. Its effects are almost cerebral and praised due to its full-body relaxation effect. The physical indication of the plant shows an aromatic fragrance, and it has the ability to give an energizing cerebral bustle.

This citrusy aroma marijuana strain became a winner on the famous 2002 Cannabis Cup. One of its best characteristics is the power to make the user have a creativity perception. It is one of the best strains used by musicians or even those music composers. Lemon Pie comes with 18 up to 22% THC level.

This cannabis strain is quite easy to grow and consider to be friendly, especially those who just begin to grow. Aside from the usual maintenance and the right quantity of temperature, soil, and nutrient, this plant also requires regular monitoring, especially if its first flower is a gender. The reason why it needs to be monitored is that you harvest the flowers, then those male plants are required to be placed in a different location.

These male plants are used to fertilize females to produce a new batch of seeds. After 9 to 10 weeks of the flowering period, you may expect to have a harvest for up to 500 grams each square meter. Planting it outdoors must place it in the right sunshine exposure. It is commonly harvested during the second week of October, and each plant has the possibility of giving as much as 600 grams of buds.

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