Lemon Haze Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lemon Haze Autoflower 

Incredible Effects, Resinous Buds

She’s another great variant of Haze that also possesses an impressive fast-flowering ability. She proudly induces an invigorating sativa high that will linger to your brain for an hour or even longer.

With an average THC content of between 15-17%, she is capable enough of delivering a stimulating cerebral buzz that brings many good things: improved creativity, more mental power, and better energy levels. All those things will help you be more productive for hours.

Also, you will enjoy a relaxing body high that will help you forget all your worries throughout the day. The more tokes you take, the more noticeable its aromas and tastes become. You will enjoy the invigorating notes and hints of metallic, intense, and citrus with lemon undertones.

For production, Lemon Haze Autoflower guarantees medium to high yields. She tends to produce beautiful, resinous flowers. All of these things are making her a brilliant choice for commercial and personal production.

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