Legend OG Marijuana Seeds

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More About Legend OG (fem)

A Hard-Hitting Indica Favorite

The Legend OG feminized seed is an offspring of OG Kush, preserving its Indica-dominant distribution and urges the THC level as much as 25 percent. Just like the promising buds of OG, the Legend OG gives you small dense, viscous flowers that prosper close together on strong branches. Its effect is hard-hitting and extremely relaxing.

Legend OG soothes the enthusiasts while assisting them in alleviating pains, aches, and muscle spasms all over the body. It creates a sleepy attribute, which makes it a good consideration before going to bed, but because of the high-THC variations, it can overexcite some minds. It is recommended to new users to be cautious of the dose if utilizing it as a sleep aid.

When cultivating the Legend OG, indoors or greenhouses will be a great setting. The flowering period normally takes around 7 to 9 weeks. Its aroma is said to possess a highly flavored earthy and pine scent with flavorful citrus undertones.

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