Lavender Marijuana Seeds

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More About Lavender (Fem)

A Relaxing Cerebral Indica

Enthusiasts who are looking for the best strain to provide them relaxation should try the Lavender feminized. A single toke of this strain can relax the soul of even the exhausted one. It has an imposing THC level that ranges from 19 to 27 percent. Each smoke-out guarantees a compelling cerebral high.

Lavender feminized seed has a structure that is dominantly represented by the Indica strain, although it is taller than many of its kind. Its length can reach up to 180 to 250 cm the moment it gets matured. The seed can prosper in any kind of environment, making it ideal for the neophytes. Cultivators who like to increase their kick may opt to use soil, although hydroponics will also make a great medium.

Just like other Indica strains, the Lavender feminized seed relishes the outdoors. It prospers the most in a sunny and warm environment, such as the environment in the Mediterranean.

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