Lavender Feminized Seeds

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Lavender is an indica-dominant cannabis strain with a wonderful scent and an impressive THC content. If you’re looking for a strain that will give you that cerebral high and total mind and body relaxation, then Lavender is your strain. Growers will also love Lavender because it gives the largest yields, whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors. 

You’ll enjoy growing Lavender plants with a lovely smell. You have to see to believe Lavender’s fantastic dark purple leaves. This is surely where the strain gets its name. It’s also a medicinal strain as it can relieve stress, enhances appetite, reduces nausea, controls pain, and promotes sleep and relaxation.

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  • Type  – Indica-dominant hybrid 
  • Growing – indoor or outdoor
  • Flowering Time – 49 to 63 days
  • Indica/Sativa – 60% indica, 40% sativa
  • Effect – euphoric, relaxed, uplifted, sleepy, happy
  • THC – 16%

Origin of Lavender Feminized Strain

Lavender was made by crossing three powerful strains Super Skunk, Afghani Hawaiian, and Big Skunk Korean. Because of this three-way cross, Lavender feminized has a delightful smell and flavor and a relaxing strain perfect for nighttime use.  

Effects of Lavender Feminized Strain

Lavender cannabis strain offers a cerebral high that is immediately followed by the total mind and body relaxation. You’ll feel euphoric, uplifted, relaxed, and happy. But as the effects of Lavender gradually wears off, you’ll feel sleepy and usually very hungry. The high THC content offers some side effects, including dizziness, dry eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, and headaches.  

Growing Lavender Feminized Strain Tips and Other Information

You’ll be happy to know that this strain is high-yielding with large and dense buds. It may not be an easy strain to grow, though, but because it’s feminized, you don’t have to deal with pesky male plants. You can confidently grow your high-yielding female plants indoors or outdoors. This indica hybrid grows small and compact; therefore, a good strain for stealth growing.

14 reviews for Lavender Feminized Seeds

  1. CharlesPatrick

    I applaud SunWest Genetics for their high quality products. They really look forward to giving us good marijuana seeds. Great job!

  2. David S. Smith

    I’m glad I found this wonderful feminized strain. I really like the happy feeling that this strain bring to me!

  3. John Simpson

    Thank you SWG i really loved this strain, I like the feeling of euphoric, uplifted, relaxed, and happy and this are all my body needs now.

  4. Victoria Wade

    First time grower here, no problem with germination, I had a very good feeling and smoke was great! Definitely will buy again. Thanks!

  5. Riley Tracy

    Fast delivery! I definitely followed the steps on growing, and it was amazing journey from day 1 up to now. Can’t wait to harvest and try it. Will order for more. Impressed over all!

  6. Gaspar Ferland

    I was very excited to plant this now, the customer service is great, very smooth transaction.

  7. Franziska Koehler

    Very pleased with this seeds. From my growing experience, I got no problem at all. All was amazing. I hope I will be high. Satisfied over all!

  8. Júlia Fernandes

    Easy to grow. I got an amazing experience with this seeds. All was good. Now I will have to know the feeling on how it goes. Super excited!

  9. Pedro Berry

    Not an easy strain to grow but my yield is pretty decent. The smell is enticing. The buds look magnificent with purple color and piles of crystals all over. I don’t feel a heavy high. Just light, enough to help me cope with things when stressed. The calming effects it has on me is perfect. Save a few thousand dollars this year and grow your own weed from Sun West Genetics.

  10. Derrick Arnold

    I have grown this wonderful plant again. She has given me a good amount of harvest. I am in great satisfaction for its pain relief factors. This is my favorite strain because it helps me with my anxiety and it made me feel euphoric! This is an excellent strain! Include growing as one of your hobbies while we’re dealing with self-isolation. Great Job SWG!

  11. Dan Matthews

    This plant didn’t give me a hard time raising her. She just took whatever I gave to her. Her smells and taste are amazing. A great strain to help me to get to sleep, and ease my mind. For me it is great for evening use, relaxing and aromatic. I will definitely recommend this strain from SWG seed bank!

  12. Lewis Wagner

    This is my 2nd grow of this strain and I did better this time. Large, dense and wonderful smell. I like the high THC, it hits hard! It helps me sleep and calms my pain. Very pleasant strain for me! I would recommend this.

  13. Zackary Willis

    I did a good job in my grow for this plant and was impressed with the final yield. I’m a first time user, it made me fall asleep so quickly. Not a daytime dose because it makes you feel lazy throughout the day so you cannot do things done. I love how it makes my body calm and relaxed. I am taking this strain moderately. Growing your own cannabis is a great hobby to start especially these days that we need to stay at home!

  14. Dennis Pacheco

    Really easy grow and the plants turned out really beautiful. I am super happy about this one though, planted those seeds outdoor, got some excellent yield and really enjoyed the process. It have a nice taste like lavender with a strong smell. Its really strong stuff but you go sleepy after 1 joint.

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