L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush Marijuana Seeds

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More About L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush (fem)

A Relaxing Hybrid for the Anxious

To retain the desired attributes of some of the most-favored strains, breeders resulted in backcrossing some closely-linked landraces from the lands of Hindu Kush – thus, giving birth to the L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush. The L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush is a superior option for night-time jams as it relaxes the anxious, fatigue minds while sticking the body on the couch.

This feminized seed can prosper in almost any kind of environment, and it is impenetrable to most issues that infest cannabis plants; hence, it is easy to cultivate. Being a typical Indica strain, it exhibits a compact and bushy built that can suit even in tight spaces.

The L.A. Confidential x Afghan Kush feminized seed emits the distinct Hindu Kush aroma similar to herbs, sandalwood, and pines. Simultaneously, savoring it would leave a herbal, spicy aftertaste that stays on the palate for quite a while.

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