L.A. Confidential Marijuana Seeds

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More About L.A. Confidential (fem)

A Compelling THC-Rich CBD

The L.A. Confident is an Indica-dominant hybrid containing 80 percent of Indica and 20 percent of Sativa. It is well-favored because of its compelling THC levels and low CBD levels. It has a distinct aromatic hybrid that originates from South California.

This feminized seed is one of the most straightforward seeds when it comes to cultivation. It can prosper either indoors or outdoors, although it was mainly formulated indoors. This is because it prospers in places with steady humidity and temperatures. In areas with cooler climates, outdoor growing can be effective as long as there is sufficient sunlight. It begins to flower once it gets less light daily, specifically in fall or when you control the light cycle indoors. During the period of flowering, the plant should have enough supply of potassium and phosphorous.

L.A. Confidential feminized seed requires plenty of nutrients to attain its complete potential. Thus, you must store nutrients for the cultivation of this seed.

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