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The Kush Regular marijuana strain is a pure all-indica genetic that first originated from the high mountaintops of the Hindu Kush ranges. While the most famous version of this strain boasts a 100% indica genetic lineage, some others out there actually have traces of sativa inputted into them. Regardless, this strain will give you some blossoming effects that will make you fall in love with it the more you consume!

But doesn’t “kush” refer to something entirely different? To most smokers, the term kush will usually refer to a family of cannabis strains known for their intense effects and pungent, citrusy and diesel aroma. But now, with a strain that practically embodies the word, you can expect to get all of this and more from the Kush Regular strain!

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Kush Regular Strain Specifications

Type: Pure Indica (100%), Regular
Genetics Parents: Indica Landrace
Flowering Period: 8-9 Weeks (Late September)
Climate: Hot, Sunny and Dry
Yields: 500G/M² indoor and 800-900G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Sandalwood, Fragrant, Earthy, Hashy
THC Level: 20% to 22%
CBD Level: Less than 1%
Height: Short and Dense
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavors and Effects of Kush Regular?

The Kush Regular strain will impose a taste on your tongue that will be very iconic, to say the least. You can expect a very rich, pungent earthy taste to accompany the thick smoke of each drag that you take. When inhaling this smoke, you get a very rough and almost hashy taste that can be quite intense on the throat. As with many members of the Kush family, this particular strain will induce some coughing! Moreover, the exhale brings a very creamy and subtly sweet taste of citrus! If you are down to get some of these flavors into your system, then Kush will be a pleasure to have!

Being an almost pure indica, you will have more than enough reason to expect a full-bodied high filled with pure relaxation! The narcotic-like effects will mainly start in the head, giving users a very clear-headed perception of things. Once the high makes its way to the body, a calming sensation will immediately sweep through your whole person, easing your way into a state of drowsiness and unmotivated moods. With some snacks at hand and your favorite TV show on, Kush will definitely be your best friend in setting up such a cozy and stress-free environment!

What are the Medical Benefits of Kush Regular?

More often than not, this Kush strain will display some very influential medical value that can be very helpful for a number of reasons. Indica strains are often considered to be much more effective in the medical sector due to their sedating and therapeutic effects. This Kush strain, of course, is no exception. The physically relaxing effects can be a great alternative to treating the mild to severe cases of chronic pain that you may be experiencing. Additionally, it also contains many anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief to arthritis, muscle spasms, and stiff joints.

The inherently sedating effects are perfect for those who are experiencing sleeping disorders. With a THC content of around 20% on average, it will be hard to fight back the sleepy and drowsy feelings that you get.

Negative Effects you can Expect from Kush Regular

Now, members of the Kush family are pretty notorious for being hard punching strains that are capable of knocking you out if you are unprepared. The hazy and almost numbing feeling might be a little too much for amateur smokers to handle. The market of Kush is often geared more towards those who love strains that pack a punch! As such, beginners might feel a sense of slight paranoia when using it in large crowds.

Also, this Kush strain brings a very hashy and dry-aged taste to the mouth. This isn’t exactly what we would call “subtle” so it can be quite harsh on the throat. You are bound to feel some slight irritation on the throat, which many people usually do not find appealing.

How to Grow Kush Regular?

These Kush Regular marijuana seeds are something that growers will generally have no problem with! They display an insanely high level of resistance to both molds and pests. This quality makes them suitable for either an indoor or outdoor growing operation. Any growing method can bring some very potent and resinous buds that are surrounded by amber-colored trichomes.

Kush Regular is also a strain that will be extremely responsive to the different irrigation and training techniques that you will eventually decide to apply to your gardens. With a substantial amount of nutrients as well as the application of topping, trimming, and defoliation, growers are well on their way to doubling the amount of yields that they end up with! Yields can reach about 500 grams indoors and 800 to 900 grams outdoors. It is a pretty fast flowering plant, usually taking only around 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time before fully maturing. Outdoor gardens will be ready for harvest during late September.

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  1. Jeffery

    This strain is really great for just relaxing and spacing out, but it is really potent and has a partially psychedelic high so new or low tolerance users need to be careful. If you do have low tolerance, 1-3 hits should be fine but a fat bowl would get you stoned as fuck. The buds are dense, and it has a very earthy smell, in my opinion. Everything feels good physically. The flawless, uplifted, and encouraging high would likely make sex downright transcendent. The kush element means it kicks ass for movies and music. The only downside is it can knock you out before you want it to – but that’s Indicas for! 5 stars!

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