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More About CBD Kush (1:1)

Master Kush for Medicinal Use

This strain has come from the merging of the THC-filled Kandy Kush with an unknown CBD hybrid strain. As a result of crossing is a strain that proposes a short period of growing, tasty yield and a great medicinal used potential. CBD Kush has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio that was both hailed to an 8% level. Still, there are times that its ratio can reach as much as 1:4, so for those who are searching for a big proportion of CBD, this strain is absolutely a perfect choice. After consuming this CBD Kush, expect to feel a relaxed, chilled sensation as it follows, but because of its CBD level, it still allowed you to still go on your day.

CBD Kush has a flowering period for up to 9 weeks and maintains to be a pretty short plant as its height can reach up to 100cm. In an indoor setting, the plant can grow up to 1 meter tall and develops a maximum yield of about 600 grams of buds every square meter. While in an outdoor setting, the plant can reach for up to 3 meters, and it surely rewarded you as much as 1100 grams of buds per plant.

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