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More About Killer (fem)

The Killer Strain

Killer feminized is also widely known as the Skywalker OG. Considered as the best tool against the negative vibes of everyday living, it extinguishes stress manifested by the mind and the body.

The Killer feminized seed produces heavy, pinecone-structured buds that are sprinkled with a heavy layer of resin, a clear indication of its promising potency. As it becomes mature, dashes of amber pistil spread like a burst over the flower. Its Indica-inclined genes influence its density as well as its solid stalk. However, it may require constant pruning.

Despite the sturdiness, Killer stays a delicate plant. Because of this, cultivators may choose to put it in a fixed, controllable environment through soil or hydroponics as their medium. Integrated with the method of Sea of Green, wherein it magnifies the space by letting numerous plants to flourish and be uncovered under an HPS/LED lighting set-up that is 600 to 1000W, will produce a yield of 450 grams every square meter.

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