Kandy Kush /Candy Kush Marijuana Seeds

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More About Kandy Kush /Candy Kush (fem)

Powerful Hit Dressed with a Tasty Sweet Aroma

Kandy Kush/Candy Kush feminized is a sweet little, but a huge yielding plant with outstanding resistance to pests and molds. Growing it is never complicated as it only requires around 65 to 75 days to attain the period of complete maturity. The buds are wrapped with resin, and attractive examine at with the orange hair tufts diverging the lime-green buds. It develops a fleeting and stout, shaggy growth formation and remains as small as 50 to 60 cm when cultivated indoor. However, they produce a lavish quantity of greatly potent weed.

For a plant that is relatively short, Kandy Kush/Candy Kush is gratifying. It has a tasty sweet aroma and can lay you out – perfect for the purpose of chilling. Inhaling the smoke provides sweet experience, but it can also knock you out with the extreme body high.

Therapeutically, medicinal enthusiasts love the strong body desensitizing effect.

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