Juicy Fruit Feminized Seeds

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Juicy Fruit is an almost balanced hybrid strain developed by one of the most popular breeders in the world. You’ll love growing and tasting this fruity strain because it’s easy to grow and bloom, and thus you’ll enjoy its potent fruity punch taste and effects sooner.

This strain is for daytime use. It can relax you and boost your creativity like never before. And aside from its wonderful recreational effects, Juicy Fruit can also relieve stress, improve mood, and help you sleep. Growers will also be impressed with its large and resinous buds as long as they follow its growing needs closely.

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  • Type – indoors and outdoors
  • Growing – easy
  • Flowering Time – 50 to 65 days 
  • Indica/Sativa –  indica dominant (55% indica, 45% sativa)
  • Effect –  happy, euphoric, uplifted, creative and mellow
  • THC – 21%

Origin of Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain

Juicy Fruit came to be by combining two awesome landrace strains Thai Sativa and an Afghani Indica. These strains are very potent, easy to grow, and are responsible for Juicy Fruit’s juicy and fruity taste and smell. 

Effects of Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain

Juicy Fruit will induce mild cerebral sensations. It can enhance creativity, improves focus, and boosts mood. It will make you giggly, chatty, and relaxed. This is why it’s best for use before any social interaction. But be sure to take this strain moderately because it may slow down response and perception of time and may also cause sleepiness.

Growing Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain Tips and Other Information

Juicy Fruit is one of the easiest to grow, and in fact, it does not need any special treatment whether you’re growing it indoors or out. As long as growing conditions are met, you’ll have large and dense buds with good amounts of resin. This is a feminized strain, so you won’t need to deal with male plants and thus save you time, money, and effort from growing. 

10 reviews for Juicy Fruit Feminized Seeds

  1. Alesia Stott

    What I like about Juicy Fruit Feminized because of its juicy and fruity taste and smell. It makes make giggly, talkative, and relaxed. That is why, I use this before I went to any social interaction.

  2. Jay Gordon

    I love growing this plant. Buds were really big and resinous. I really didn’t do anything to this plant when it came to training. The smell is pleasant like sour and citrus. Juicy Fruit had me feeling calm yet energized. This is my go to strain during the day.

  3. Jim Shaw

    This plant was the most resinous plant I have ever seen, my other plants were super sticky but this plant was something else. I love her aroma and the effect was amazing! It’s a great social strain. Very suitable for lots of laughs. I definitely recommend this and your company SWG!

  4. Tom Holmes

    It was a great plant to grow, and seemed to be strong and resilient. It tastes so sweet and delicious! I feel creative and talkative. This is a great strain to kick back and have some social time with friends. Would recommend smoking with a group of close friends.

  5. Clavin Rice

    The girl turned out really well, considering the issues I had in the beginning. I made two hits before it got me because I have a high tolerance. This is by far one of my top strains for medical use and recreation. Favorite strain I have ever smoked. Amazing!

  6. Alex Robertson

    The plant grew amazingly. The biggest buds so far. Great for stoners who just like to sit back and enjoy the ride. Be careful when you smoke enough because any HIGH can be POTENT. If you are not careful, it will fuck you up! Good Job SWG

  7. Harry Banes

    Indeed, this is perfect for daytime use. It pumps you up with the energy you need to start or to cope with stress during your day. Ever since I started using Juicy Fruit Feminized seeds, I have become more creative and active at work. i don’t get irritated right away. Everything seems so bright! I love it! And the smell? It smells delicious!

  8. Dean Elijah

    The almost perfect balance between Indica and sativa in Juicy Fruit Fem makes this strain a perfect option for those who would want to experience the best of both worlds. As a whole, Juicy fruit Fem can give you an experience of mental boosts, and bodily energy that will keep you motivated to work! This is one of the newest strainis that can hold a candle to some of the best ones!

  9. Hubert Aguilar

    Juicy Fruit is very easy to grow and it also boost my mood every time I’m bored. This strain also helps me with my social life as it makes me more chatty person, this strain also takes away my stress and anxiety. The high it gives is very powerful plus the effect that makes me comfortable everywhere. I would surely order this strain again!!

  10. ClintB

    Thank you Sunwest Genetics for the fast and efficient service! I did not have any worries while waiting for my order knowing that they are in good hands. I just received the seeds today, and they seem to be in great shape. I can’t wait to start growing this strain in my garden. I will give this a 10!”

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