Juicy Fruit Feminized Seeds

Juicy Fruit is an almost balanced hybrid strain developed by one of the most popular breeders in the world. You’ll love growing and tasting this fruity strain because it’s easy to grow and bloom, and thus you’ll enjoy its potent fruity punch taste and effects sooner.

This strain is for daytime use. it can relax you and boost your creativity like never before. And aside from its wonderful recreational effects, Juicy Fruit can also relieve stress, improve mood, and help you sleep. Growers will also be impressed with its large and resinous buds as long as they follow its growing needs closely.

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3 Seeds $45
7 Seeds $70
15 Seeds $135



  • Type – indoors and outdoors
  • Growing – easy
  • Flowering Time – 50 to 65 days 
  • Indica/Sativa –  indica dominant (55% indica, 45% sativa)
  • Effect –  happy, euphoric, uplifted, creative and mellow
  • THC – 21%

Origin of Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain

Juicy Fruit came to be by combining two awesome landrace strains Thai Sativa and an Afghani Indica. These strains are very potent, easy to grow, and are responsible for Juicy Fruit’s juicy and fruity taste and smell. 

Effects of Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain

Juicy Fruit will induce mild cerebral sensations. It can enhance creativity, improves focus, and boosts mood. It will make you giggly, chatty, and relaxed. This is why it’s best for use before any social interaction. But be sure to take this strain moderately because it may slow down response and perception of time and may also cause sleepiness.

Growing Juicy Fruit Feminized Strain Tips and Other Information

Juicy Fruit is one of the easiest to grow, and in fact, it does not need any special treatment whether you’re growing it indoors or out. As long as growing conditions are met, you’ll have large and dense buds with good amounts of resin. This is a feminized strain, so you won’t need to deal with male plants and thus save you time, money, and effort from growing. 


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