Jack Herer x Skunk Marijuana Seeds

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More About Jack Herer x Skunk (fem)

The Best Smoking Experience

As to how the name implies, Jack Herer x Skunk is an offspring of two strains that require no formal presentation. Both plants, Jack Herer and Skunk #1, outshined on their capability to create compelling THC content and promote cerebral high. Simultaneously, the aforementioned allotted its strong citrusy fragrance.

Jack Herer x Skunk feminized offers delight to cultivators with average to comprehensive skill levels. A common structure of a Sativa plant, it flourishes leggy with not so stout branches. During the flowering period, the limbs may require back up to carry the very large colas.

Catching the attention of the spectators, it has a physical appearance that is difficult to disregard. On a closer view, onlookers always observe the cone-structure of the plant. The Jack Herer x Skunk feminized is naturally great in a fragrance that is difficult to turn down. Compelling and skunky, experts adore its scent.

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