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Is it Legal to Use Cannabis Paraphernalia?

is it legal to use cannabis paraphernalia

When you use marijuana, chances are, you’re using some form of smoking equipment to consume it. From bongs to pipes and from paper to grinders, there are all sorts of cannabis paraphernalia. This is why seed banks and dispensaries that conduct cannabis seeds online sale also sell headgear. 

Short answer

A safe answer would be yes, as long as using cannabis is allowed or legal in your country or state.

If cannabis is not permitted or it’s illegal then expect that using, buying and possession of drug paraphernalia are also illegal.

But how about medical marijuana? There are countries where recreational cannabis is illegal but medical marijuana is legal. So as you need a permit, prescription or ID to use medical marijuana, you may also need to have these to buy, carry and use cannabis paraphernalia wherever you go.

Take note of special rules

Every place, state or country where cannabis use is permitted, whether recreational or medical cannabis, there will be special rules to ensure that marijuana use is done responsibly.

Special rules related to using paraphernalia include possible legal places or shops where you can buy legal paraphernalia, the type of paraphernalia you are allowed to carry, where you can smoke or consume weed and if you can buy cannabis paraphernalia online.

Keep in mind that in some countries, you can consume cannabis but carry or possession of weed and paraphernalia are illegal. Still, some countries and state have decriminalized marijuana especially recreational marijuana and in these places, you can carry and use paraphernalia without getting arrested or fined. Your actions will only be counted as a misdemeanor.

To find out the rules against using, carrying and purchase of paraphernalia beforehand. Stand by for changing rules regarding cannabis use as well. In countries with decriminalized cannabis use, it is possible that paraphernalia use and buying will be legal soon.

Can you smoke cannabis without using any equipment?

Smoking cannabis whether a dried flower, plant parts or smoking concentrates need some form of paraphernalia. You may either buy paraphernalia or make your own headgear.

Just some of the most common smoking equipment include bongs, vaporizers, rolling papers, and pipes. Let’s find out how each one works and whether you need this to enjoy cannabis smoking and consumption.

What is the different cannabis paraphernalia available?

Cannabis storing jars

Cannabis should remain fresh and ready for use. Aside from its breeder’s packaging where it was shipped, you must use storing jars. The most common type of jar is a mason jar.  This type is strong and has a locking system that can keep freshness in.

Mason jars come in different shapes and sizes but select the most common one with hinged locking systems.  Also, place a label on the jar with the name of the strain, the date it was harvested or purchased and any special information about the strain.

You can buy mason jars in most shops that sell household equipment. Some mason jars are also colored and this makes it more convenient to store cannabis and seeds for a really long time.


A humidor is a small box usually made from wood. A humidor has a special dial that will adjust the air pressure inside the container. Usually, seeds and dried buds need low humidity and a humidor can maintain this humidity levels so your seeds and buds stay fresh longer.

Humidors are also used to keep cigarettes and cigars fresh. Make sure to select a humidor that will fit your needs. This comes in different sizes and designs.


A grinder is very basic cannabis paraphernalia. Like other cannabis paraphernalia, grinders come in different shapes and sizes but the most popular grinder is a three-piece type grinder made of strong material. Grinders are manually-operated with sharp blades in the inner section which shreds dried weed into tiny bits fit for smoking or other use.

Grinders also come with screens to further filter the ground cannabis material. The screen keeps large bits from your joint and will also help you make small powdered marijuana bits that you can roll between your fingers and smoke with a pipe.

Owning a good marijuana grinder means you also have special grinder paraphernalia which includes small brushes, extra screens, small scoops, etc. And to make sure that you are buying good grinders, buy only from reputable stores.

Bongs/Pipes/Pipe Bowls

These are smoking equipment available in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Some have standard designs with a mouthpiece, bowl, water container, and a handle. Smoking paraphernalia you can buy online are pretty standard and if you’re looking for extreme designs, check out beautiful handmade bongs, pipes, and bowls from different online shopping sites. If you are looking for classic designs, you can also find these at online and local headshops.

We just can’t resist talking about handmade or homemade bongs. Because headgear is very expensive and sometimes too bulky, cannabis users have taken the initiative to make their own bongs and smoking equipment at home.

If you search online for homemade pipes and bongs, you’ll be surprised as to the different styles and creativity of users. You’ll find bongs and pipes made of fruit or vegetables, recycled bottles, plastic containers, toys, old bottles and many more. As long as there is a place to stick your dried weed and water, you can use this as a homemade bong!


Vaporizers are electronic smoking equipment usually battery-operated. These are pocket-sized, handy and easy to use. Basic vaporizers come with a heating element that gently cooks oil, dried flower or shatters so you can smoke the fumes.

Vaporizers have made it easier to enjoy cannabis but are usually very expensive. But despite this, many use vaporizers because it lets them save on weed. You see, you can still use a small amount of oil, concentrate or a few grams of dried flower in a vaporizer. When you smoke cannabis in the form of a joint, you burn the dried material at once which makes this method very inefficient and costly.

Aside from the cost, the downside of vaporizers is that you need to charge it before use. Some users have also reported burning batteries or leaking batteries which is why you must only buy safe and efficient vaporizers from reputable brands.

Rolling paper

Rolling paper is paper you use to wrap dry weed to make joints. There are different types of material used to make paper and there are different sizes of rolling paper as well. Most expert joint rollers use natural paper while some use tobacco paper or cigarette paper.

Rolling papers are available in packs and these may be purchased from local dispensaries and also from online cannabis headgear and supplies stores.

Rolling trays

Rolling trays are flat rectangular trays where you can safely roll your joints. You may use any flat surface to roll joints but a rolling tray lets you roll tightly and efficiently. Some rolling trays come with sections where you can place your finished joints and where you can safely put dried buds. Rolling trays come in different sizes and material and the most common are bamboo trays.

Digital scales

You need a precise digital scale to weigh things like the amount of weed you need to make concentrates, oils or tinctures. You need a scale to accurately measure the right amount of dose for each edible you made.


An ashtray is necessary to keep things clean inside your smoking area. Keep your butts safely in an ashtray and throw these away responsibly.


There are lighters with colorful marijuana theme available online or from a local lighter store. Some lighters and ashtrays are souvenirs or giveaways from a seed bank or dispensary. Choose refillable lighters and those with adjustable flames. Use a sleeve to protect your lighter from drops and falls.

Growing equipment

Now that you know about the most common headgear or smoking paraphernalia, it’s time to get to know the common growing equipment used in cultivating marijuana plants.

Just some of the most common growing tools are pots, soil and watering cans for outdoor growing. If you are growing indoors you need to grow lights, fans, a digital thermometer and hygrometer, dehumidifier. grow tents, grow cabinets and fertilizer or plant food. You also need soil and water health monitoring equipment, tape measures, screens, and power strips.

Your growing equipment for outdoor growing and indoor cultivation are very similar to growing any kind of garden plant which is why these are not prohibited even in places where marijuana growing is illegal.

You won’t get caught with possession of these pieces of equipment as long as you do not show that you are using these for growing cannabis.

And if you are growing medical cannabis, it’s best to secure your permit and to bring this permit with you when you purchase growing equipment and as you transport these. Find out about the rules of growing cannabis in your area first before you purchase any type of equipment.

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