Is Dabbing Bad for You?

is dabbing bad for you

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There are many ways to consume cannabis. Smoking is the most popular and common. Dabbing is said to be the least common. Is dabbing bad for you? Some people speculated that dabbing can cause harm to cannabis users and should not be considered anyway. This post will tell you the truth about dabbing. 

Dabbing Explained

This cannabis consumption method lets a user ingest a good amount of the psychoactive compound called THC. BHO or butane hash oil is the wax or oil-like substance collected from a cannabis plant. It will be placed on the “nail” fastened to a special glass bong known as the “rig”.

Then, the user needs to use the blow torch in heating the oil or wax to produce the vapor he wants to inhale. This cannabis consumption method means a user will instantaneously feel and enjoy dabbing and its effects.

Another practice associated with dabbing involves putting the hash oil in a vaping device that looks like e-cigarettes. It does not produce smoke. This becomes favorable for cannabis users who are in areas where recreational marijuana is still prohibited. This opportunity reduces their chances of getting caught in the act. At the same time, it allows the students to use cannabis and get high while they’re at school. 

The popularity behind inhaling and using hash oil increases. Many cannabis users have discovered that it’s the quickest way to get high when they are in a hurry. They just need to smoke a pea-sized drop of hash oil, which is already equivalent to 2-3 regular-sized parts of cannabis. Everything must be heated at the same time. 

In some areas, people are allowed to purchase hash oil from the medical cannabis dispensaries. Some other areas come with black markets with sellers who will deliver your oil straight to your doorsteps. 

If all those options fail, then cannabis users can create their hash oil. They just need to use flammable solvents like butane or alcohol. Just be careful if you mimic this technique as using flammable materials can result in an explosion and a severe injury. 

You can find a set of steps to follow for its preparation with video clips and pictures on the web. If you’re too young to do this, you should think about it again. 

Is Dabbing Bad for You or Good?  

Dabbing has been used as the catchall term that pertains to the practice of heating and melting the marijuana concentrate through a source of heat and breathing in the produced vapor. There have been questions and speculations about the safety of dabs. What’s the truth? Well, there are some misconceptions related to dabbing.

One of the common misconceptions about dabbing tends to be extremely frustrating. It misleads the pitfalls of illegal novice extraction with the risks of the extracts. Marijuana extracts made with the light hydrocarbons like propane and butane need the use of the closed-loop systems and strict safety measures. Making cannabis concentrates by using open-source extraction methods like open blasting is extremely harmful and can be deadly. 

The 2nd misconception about dabbing is that it requires harmful tools that noticeably blow torches. There are several ways of heating dabs. These include the e-nails that omit the need to use a torch, helping to avoid injuries. 

The 3rd misconception regarding dabbing is something about the safety of breathing in the produced vapor from marijuana concentrates. The question “is dabbing bad for you” was extremely scrutinized. However, novices are still struggling to find the right and accurate details about dabbing.

To address the concerns like the safety of dabbing for your lungs or brain, you should note some things. First, cannabis concentrates have flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes. No studies or proof that can back up the claim these substances can negatively affect the lung or brain function in adult weed consumers.

Aside from those 3 components, there have been some cannabis concentrates that have a lower percentage for residual hydrocarbons concentration. It is lower than 500 PPM. Cannabis concentrates may have a lower concentration based on the used extraction technique. 

In the states like Oregon, Washington, and Colorado, the concentrate testing under this verge for residual hydrocarbon contents is believed safe and ideal for consumption. As the 500 PPM can be worrisome, your lungs will get that amount of butane if you light up the joint by using butane lighters. 

Moreover, the states wherein recreational marijuana concentrates sale and use are legal; authorized sellers are required to send their products to laboratory tests and evaluations before selling them. Anything that shows up during these tests will make the product disqualified for sale. Hence, manufacturers should make sure their products are pure and free from foreign substances to pass the tests and make their way to the market. 

Dabbing is extremely safe for as long as you’re buying a cannabis concentrate supported and proven clean and safe for consumption produced and supplied from a reliable and registered seller. 

How to Do Dabbing Safely?

To make sure a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding experience as you dab cannabis concentrates, be sure you follow these tips:

Refrain from using low-quality cannabis concentrates. These products tend to be cheaper, so they are irresistibly “good” offers for those users who are on a tight budget. Be sure to ask the budtender regarding testing outcomes and suggestions. 

Learn how you must use the dab rig. You must also understand the tools associated. Be extra careful when dealing with hot surfaces and heating devices. Invest only in the dab rig that you will be comfortable with. 

Do not try to do chemical extraction without someone else who can supervise you. Don’t do it at home as well. To ensure your safety, you can make rosin and use it.

Use cannabis concentrates on care. Be more responsible. If it’s your first time to use, then be sure you begin with less. Just a small dab will be enough to get you high. It is incredibly more potent than the bowl full of flowers.


Is dabbing bad for you? Dabbing is a great way to try when you want to get too high. However, it can also be dangerous if you do it in the wrong way and place. Be careful when buying cannabis concentrates for dabbing for a worry-free, pleasurable experience. 

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