Increasing Your Amber Trichomes Production

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There are a few standards and criteria you can use to evaluate the potency and quality of marijuana buds. One of the best ways to do this is by noticing the cloudy, amber trichomes that sprout from all around the cannabis plant. There is no doubt that these trichomes are what gives the marijuana buds that delectable and mouth watering appearance. However, there are a lot more things that they have to offer to growers and smokers alike!

Because of all these benefits, people will often look for different ways to increase the production of these trichomes. But is this possible? Can growers actually do anything to influence the growth and production of nice, amber trichomes? Before we get into all of this, let us first discuss the definition and purpose of trichomes. 

What are Trichomes?

Trichomes are basically the small, glandular structures that emerge from the cannabis buds and sugar leaves of the plant. To the naked eye, they will look more like a thick layer of white powder. It appears to coat the whole cannabis buds. However, as you look closer and observe them through a magnifying tool, you will notice that they are tiny, have mushroom-like formations that attach themselves to the plant. 

When these trichomes are young, they display a much clearer and transparent appearance which you can see through. But as they continue to mature, these amber trichomes will gradually develop a more opaque and cloudy color. Holding weed buds that are drench in high volumes of trichomes will make it feel very waxy and sticky. This will normally indicate a good amount of potency and strong highs. 

Cannabinoid Contents

Like we said, marijuana buds that have higher concentrations of amber trichomes have a better look that attracts users. It is due to the robust appearance. However, the main function of these trichomes is that they are actually responsible for all the cannabinoid contents of the marijuana plants. That’s right, these trichomes house all of the THC, CBD, CBN. Including all the other cannabinoids and compounds that can be found in weed. 

Male plants are deem as being unfit for consumption mainly because of the small amount of trichomes present in them. On the other hand, females are known to produce marijuana buds that contain large amounts of trichomes. That is why they are so in demand by consumers and growers alike. 

Different Uses of Trichomes:

The structures of trichomes that are often, the cause of psychoactive effects, pungent flavors and aroma of cannabis. People are looking for ways to both increase the production and harvest these trichomes for numerous uses. 

The most common way of utilizing trichomes is through consuming them, along with the rest of the buds. There are actually some more ways that you (or the plant) can make use of these tiny bombs.

  • With the pungency and mind-altering effects that these trichomes can bring, they actually act as a defensive tool for cannabis plants out in the wild. The effects and aroma that these amber trichomes carry will fend off any herbivores or predators. Keeping them safe from damage.
  • People will often harvest these trichomes via freezing the marijuana buds until these trichomes fall off. Once they do fall off, the harvested amber trichomes are subsequently turned into hashish or hash, a cannabis-based product that is often smoked using a dab rig. Hash uses trichomes as its main ingredient. This extracted form of marijuana will give a much more concentrated dose of THC and CBD, which means that it gives a much stronger and harder hit. 

More Uses of trichomes

  • Trichome extraction is also used in order to make cannabis oils (which can be utilized via smoking or as topical ointments) and marijuana-based lotions and creams. Keep in mind that trichomes do house all the cannabinoids and properties of marijuana. This means that they can also provide all of the naturally therapeutic and healing benefits of weed.
  • Of course, they also harvest these cannabinoids to use into many different pills and medications for health effects. The amber trichomes of CBD-rich strains will consequently carry more CBD in them. This gives people an advantage of using these products without having to actually smoke marijuana. 

As we said above, smoking trichome-based products will bring a much stronger taste and high because of the concentration of THC in them! This means that using dab rigs and cannabis extracts for recreational purposes must be only by those who can handle high levels of THC!

How to Increase Amber Trichomes Production:

There is a lot of science that goes into the boosting of trichome production, and most of it has to do with the environment that the cannabis plants are growing in. Keeping the plants as comfortable as possible and allowing them to build up enough energy to put into trichome development is your main goal, so make sure that you pay close attention to all the details of your cultivation area!

Here are the different factors to consider when increasing trichomes production:

  • Lighting Systems – Lighting is the most influential element of the whole cannabis cultivation process and this holds true for the trichomes as well. The light exposure that you give your cannabis plants are actually used along with carbon dioxide to produce energy for the plants. Naturally, the more light you give them will mean that they will be able to produce more amber trichomes!

If you plan on increasing the trichome production in your gardens, then you should only ops for the best lighting systems out there. While fluorescent and HID lights can help give your plants an ample amount of light, LED bulbs are known to be the best and most efficient choice for growers out there. The unique UV spectrums and wide range of coverage for these LED panels will help cannabis plants maximize the light absorption and come up with more trichomes. 

  • Genetics – There are a lot of marijuana strains out there that are inherently known to produce a lot more resinous and potent buds than others. Also, you can only get the best trichome production from seeds that are fresh and high quality! Always consider purchasing weed seeds from trustworthy seed banks in order to guarantee proper growth in your gardens. 

As for the genetics themselves, you will probably notice indica-dominant strains give a lot more trichomes than sativas. While this is just a mere observation that growers report, indicas are pretty well-known for their frosty and sticky appearances. 

  • Proper Climates and Temperatures – We all know that trichomes start developing themselves during the flowering stages of the cannabis plant’s life. However, boosting their growth during the later stages of flowering (close to harvest) will rapidly cause more energy to be placed into trichome production. This allows you to have a slight edge in terms of having more of these little poppers come up in your buds and leaves.

More to Consider

Once the cannabis plants are left with about 2 to 3 weeks of flowering time, you can lower the humidity levels to a decent 35% and the temperatures to around 78 degrees Fahrenheit for better results. Keep in mind that this must be in the later stages of the flowering phase! Leaving them in these conditions for too long is unideal and may cause the eventual development of molds and diseases. 

  • Nutrients and Training – Training and nutrients are something that you can always try in order to increase the amount of trichomes that you end up with. Training methods and the provision of nutrients are generally, to improve the output of your gardens. This, of course, means that you will end up with more potent yields with higher doses of trichomes. 

Feeding your plants will allow them to boost their systems and pour more efforts into the production of amber trichomes. This should be in the later parts of flowering, a few weeks before harvest. Remember to opt for a solution that provides just the right amount of amendments. Particularly, the ones that improve flowering.

Final Words on Amber Trichomes:

You should remember that trichomes will only boost their production when their environment lets them! Lighting is one of the most effective ways to influence this growth. Thus, other factors will mainly depend on the way that the marijuana strains respond to them.

Trichomes are essential in making sure that the marijuana buds that you end up with will perform exactly the way that you intended them to! Whether you choose to smoke them from the buds or extract them, these amber trichomes are surely the unsung hero of cannabis consumption!

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