How to Roll a Joint Correctly?

how to roll a joint

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Ways to consume cannabis now comes in different methods and techniques. There are several and acceptable procedures in the field of marijuana consumption. There are edibles, injectable, bongs, blunts, joints, and so much more. Moreover, with the versatility of ways of consuming cannabis, experts are finding their techniques to smoke weed professionally. However, at a beginner’s level, you should at least know how to roll a joint correctly.

Rolling a joint seems to be the most iconic and historical way of smoking weeds. Several television shows and movies are showing celebrities smoking a joint. Because of that, the popularity of the method bounced back and elevated from the dead. So, if you’re a part of the cannabis community, especially when you’re a newbie, finding out the ways on how to roll a joint correctly must be already in your mind, and you should be able to memorize it like the back of your hand.

To assist you on that matter, we will show you the step-by-step procedures of correctly and perfectly rolling a joint.

What is Joint?

Users categorized Joint as an exemplary on ways of consuming cannabis. The short-sized Joint is portable and easy to carry – almost like a cigarette. You can use it anytime, anywhere, without having to worry about appalled audiences and awkward places. Like blunts, ground cannabis will have to fill up its insides, but the difference is that the rolling cover can be all types of papers, depending on your preferences. If you are not aware of the differences yet, blunt uses tobacco wrapper and cigars with flavors.

You might think the short stature of Joint could burn your fingertips, but you need not worry about it since you can add a filter to give stability, all while letting you smoke your weeds to the end.

How does it differ from other Smoking Methods?

For starters, smoking a joint is comparable to cigarettes, except, the insides are pure cannabis strains. The small and portable size also sets it apart from other ways of smoking weeds. Also, unlike blunt and spliffs that both have the same means of rolling, joint does not use tobacco wrappers in different flavors or cigars. It uses flavored papers that are difficult to tear apart. Besides, the popularity of Joint is incomparable to blunt and spliffs, thanks to movie and celebrity shootouts. In terms of measurement, crushed weeds will have to be in smaller gram portions where the ideal is ½ grams with ¼ size of rolling paper. Besides, the smaller the size, the easier to roll.

However, there are circumstances that professional and expert users use more extensive rolling papers so they can place more significant portions of crushed cannabis. While it sounds inspiring, this technique should make a beginner wary because careful measurement of dosage is highly necessary.

What materials can I use to Roll a Joint?

Before anything else, you should know by now that your chosen strain is the most crucial necessities. It should depend on your preferences and your tolerance level to ensure safe usage. Other than that, the rolling paper is a critical choice to decide on because the whole experience of smoking weed will solely rely on how well you rolled your own Joint. Again, the flavors of your rolling paper do not matter as long as that what you highly prefer.

You will also need other necessities like a crutch or filter that will avoid your fingertips from burning while smoking the joint wholly. Along with that are weed grinder and any pointy object that will let you pack the cannabis inside the paper. In this part, the preferred purpose could be a pen and anything that has the same appearance as it has.

How to Roll a Joint correctly?

Note that there are steps that you might alter, or you could contribute some techniques and more comfortable procedures, as long as we all end up in the same result. Besides, knowing how to roll a joint will provide knowledge for other smoking weed methods. The following steps are the basic ones and the most commonly preferred method.

Step 1: Crushing the Cannabis

Before you place your cannabis buds in the weed grinder, make sure that it is completely dried off to avoid conflicts in the rolling part. If you don’t have a weed grinder, any ways of breaking down your cannabis can work.

Step 2: Create a crutch or filter

Crafting your filter or joint tip should be easy since you can make a filter out of any reliably hard cards. You may execute accordion folds at the end of solid cardboards before rolling it to your desired width. If you find this part difficult, you can buy joint papers with an included crutch material to ease your hassle away.

Step 3: The filling in

In this part, you will fill your empty rolling papers with your crushed weeds by filling in any possible spaces. As mentioned, a half gram is an ideal size for a short-sized joint. If you have crutches or filters, you may also fill that part.

Step 4: Pack and Go

Once you are through in shaping your joint according to your preferred shape and bulkiness, you may now pack the rolling paper by pinching and back-and-forth rolling.

Step 5: Rolling the Joint

In this part, rolling your Joint could either make or break the quality of it. To do it flawlessly, you should fold the unglued portion into the roll, and as you roll it up, use the glued side to tuck the other end of the rolling paper. You can use your saliva for the needed moisture. To perfect this part, you should begin with the crutch side since it provides guide and stability when the paper rolls itself.

Step 6: Finish and Enjoy

To securely wrap up your joint, you should pack each end to guarantee an even burn. This step is where you will use the pen or other object similar to a pen’s appearance. Other alternatives are small stick, the tip of any drawstring like a shoelace. If you aren’t going to use it right away, you might have to tie it up by twisting.

Is there another way on how to Roll a Joint?

If you’re a beginner and is new to the different ways of consuming cannabis, finding some secure step-by-step procedures, with a guaranteed perfect outcome, is quite troublesome. There will be circumstances that will make you abandon your on-going work or give up trying to have a smoke, which is a decision that is up to yours to make. But, you are free to innovate and search for better procedures that will satisfy your perfectionist side and, at the same time, give you a high-quality result. Know that there are other ways to smoke weeds, but what’s the point of smoking if you won’t get to try the most iconic and historical joint-rolling method?

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