How to Make Weed Tea

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Are you always waking up in the morning and making your tea to wake up yourself and get your mind active? Well, weed tea can be a perfect match for you especially if you are a cannabis lover. 

The use of marijuana plays such a big role in easing some boredom and stress in our lives right now especially during this pandemic. While there are a lot of options to start your day instead of smoking weed or drinking some beer, why not try weed in a herbal form? In this article, we will talk about how to make weed tea. 

The below steps will be able to help you improve your morning drink with some fashion and potency. 

How to make weed tea? What are the steps?

Making a weed tea does not only help you free out a lot of steps to take but will also help you lessen the sugar you put in your drink instead of eating some edibles that are loaded with sugar and fats. Not only in a herbal form, but the use of weed tea can also give your lungs some rest from hitting smoke. 

If in a fortunate situation, you already have a tincture, butter, and infused honey with you, the steps below will no longer be necessary. All you have to do is place a bag of tea you prefer in the cup with warm water and add some honey or sugar with the tincture. however if none, you don’t need to worry. This section will help you on your journey of making a weed tea with some simple steps to follow. 

What you need:

A gram of ground cannabis (Citrus scented cannabis are recommended)

A tablespoon of butter (If you do not have unsalted butter, you can use coconut oil)

A teabag

Four (4) cups of water

Honey or sugar

Cheesecloth (If you do not have one, you can use a fine strainer)


In the following steps, you will be able to make 3 mugs of weed tea. As much as possible, a mug of weed tea should only be taken by one person. The effects can influence the mind. Thus, be mindful especially when you are going to drive or do some machine-operated functions. 

The steps

Step #1: 

Prepare your cooking equipment. Place the cooking pot on the stove and add the water. As soon as the water is boiling, add the butter. Again, if unsalted butter is not available, you can use coconut oil. Wait for the butter or coconut oil to completely disintegrate. 

Note: Why do we need butter or coconut oil? The main cannabinoid composition present in marijuana is THC. And, THC can make someone high. For the THCA to transform into THC as a psychoactive content, it will require a fatty substance for it to stick to the heat and transform as THC. 

Step #2: 

As soon as the butter is completely dissolved, place the gram of cannabis. Make sure that the water already reached its boiling point. As soon as the gram of cannabis is added, lower down the temperature, and blend it thoroughly. 

Step #3:

In this step, all you need to do is let the mixture of water and cannabis blend thoroughly for twenty minutes. For the potency and texture of your tea to be perfectly improved, lower down the temperature as much as possible. As long as the mixture blended is low temperature, the flavor and fragrance of your tea get better and more appealing. If the temperature is too high, the flavor and aroma get off as it boils.

Step #4: 

When everything has been blended thoroughly with low heat, it is now time for you to strain out the bits and pieces of cannabis versus the water directly to the mug. Whether you are using a cheesecloth or a fine strainer, make sure that no water can run out from the mug or as it currently runs down to the mug. If not all pieces are separated, you can do this process again until your tea is smooth without ground pieces of cannabis. 

Step #5: 

Place your desired teabag in the mug and add some sugar or honey depending on the sweetness of your preference. 

Remember that there will always be a weed taste on your tea. No matter what you do, there will still be notes of smell and flavor or it. That is the main reason you can add sugar or honey depending on your taste to complement your palate from the weedy texture and flavor. 

Just like eating some edibles, your weed tea is going to be absorbed by the body first for you to feel its effects. So the effects of the weed in your tea can be felt from one to two hours maximum. 

The effects of weed tea in the body

Compared to smoking a weed, drinking a weed tea can take an hour or two for you to be able to feel its effects. For any reason that you haven’t felt the strength and kick of weed to your body, the strain you might have chosen requires patience and more time for you to finally feel it. 

Just like the effects of smoking cannabis, depending on the strength and potency of the weed you have chosen, typically it lasts up to 8 hours. Just be very cautious in drinking weed tea. Especially when you are up to something important. You should drink the tea in a private place or at your home to prevent anything out of your control when you are high. 


Having weed tea in the morning is probably the most awakening morning you may have. While it feels to be herbal, its stimulating effects can make your day active and very satisfying. Always consult the experienced ones when drinking weed tea. 

The above steps in making weed tea can help you for the first time. But as time goes by, doing this is a lot simpler than you thought. 

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