How to Increase Auto Flowering Pot Seeds In Bud Size Flowering?

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One of the most sought stages in the life cycle of a cannabis plant is when the buds shoot. For the juiciest and the most sellable ones are the ones which grew the largest. The buds of the cannabis plant contain the most amount of THC levels. Remember that the psychoactive compound is responsible for giving anyone a high feeling. These auto flowering pot seeds that grow into buds are the ones that hold the very important cannabinoids which are the essential components for medicinal use just like CBD, CBG, and THCV.

How Auto Flowering Pot Seeds Can have a Bigger Bud Size?

Picking a high yield strain of auto-flowering pot seeds means that you need to consider all planting factors for your yield. A bland, featureless yard with cannabis seeds can be enhanced by a beautiful flower bed if a large garden is too complex to maintain, a flower bed may be a better option. Flower beds come in varying sizes and types, so you’re free to create a bed that is manageable and suits your own preferences. Flower from auto flowering pot seeds can be small, discrete features near your house, they can be large wraparounds for your porch, or they can even be minuscule displays on the balcony of an apartment.

Even before spring has arrived, planning a flower bed for your auto flowering pot seeds may be something you’ll want to start doing. The process of both planning a flower bed and creating one can be considerably involved and require days or even weeks of preparation. There are numerous factors to consider when it comes to planning a flower bed.

Can Auto Flowering Pot Seeds Grow on Flower Beds?

To some cannabis entrepreneur especially Charlo Greene, she has mentioned that whether they are seasoned or not, this question may seem like a simple one. The truth is, however, that flower beds are actually somewhat complex. There are several different kinds of flower beds and creating one for auto-flowering pot seeds can be a considerably involved process. For individuals who wish to be truly thorough, a flower bed can be a heavily involved task that requires mathematics, schematics, and weeks of planning.

A flower bed, at its simplest definition, is a plot of isolated land, raised or otherwise, in which flowers are grown. This can encompass arrangements which wrap around a porch, sprout from a large pot, or hang from a ledge in a box. Our section of this article which features flower bed ideas will give more insight into a variety of different flower bed types. In this section, however, we will simply go over what encompasses a flower bed at the most basic level.

There are three primary components which make up a flower bed: edging (or other separators, such as a pot or box), soil, and flowers. Selecting these components should be among the first tasks done when designing a flower bed for your auto flowering pot seeds. Flower beds can vary in size and shape, as well, not just contents and style. If you have a large plot of unused land to work with, you could create a series of flower beds with unique shapes, separated by walkways and paths.

Alternatively, a balcony with limited space can feature a few beautiful flower beds that are housed in pots and boxes. Some gardeners who don’t have balconies, but do have window sills, can even hang a box from their window sill to host their flower bed. Each of these three suggested flower bed styles for your auto flowering pot seeds feature the three components mentioned earlier: edging, soil, and flowers.

Tips and Tricks

Before jumping into our collection of flower bed ideas for auto-flowering pot seeds, it’s important to have an understanding of the crucial components of planting auto-flowering pot seeds, particularly when it comes to the planning and design of such a feature. Here in the Tips and Tricks section, you’ll find advice on several different tasks associated with the planning, commencement, development, and completion of your auto flowering pot seeds.

Research What Flower Buds Will Grow in Your Zone

Before you start considering what kind of flower bed you’ll want for your auto flowering pot seeds, you should research what type of flower buds will grow in your zone. The world zone, when used in the context of plant life, refers to areas of the world where particular pants thrive or perform poorly. A zone is determined by the average annual minimum winter temperature for the region. This information allows gardeners to properly determine which plants are likely to survive a typical winter in that region.

You can determine your zone by entering your zip code into a verified site or simply checking with a quick Google search. Local gardeners in your area may also be able to provide insight into what auto flowering pot seeds they have seen thrive in their own gardens.

Decide Upon Your Desired Flower Bed Type

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous different kinds of flower beds that you can do for your auto flowering pot seeds. You can plant them in pots, in boxes, or as ground-level beds that are isolated. There are several other options, as well, some that will be listed in the flower bed ideas section of this article. You’ll want to consider a number of different factors when determining what type of flower bed you want, but the most important one is definitely the space that you have available for a bed.

If you live in an apartment and have only a porch, balcony, or small windowsill to work with, you’ll likely want a hanging box or a couple of pots for your flower bed. If you own a house and you are working with a large yard or a plot of land, your options grow exponentially.

Identify the Ideal Location for Your Flower Bed

It was mentioned earlier that where you live can limit what sort of flower bed you can have for your auto flowering pot seeds. If you live in an apartment, you’ll want to find a place that receives as much sunlight as possible. This could be a balcony or a windowsill that receives a substantial amount of sunlight throughout the day. For those who have a large home, there are far more possibilities for the flower bed’s location.

Common locations are the side of the house, around the base of an established tree, and spread throughout the backyard. The edge of a driveway is another attractive location, but putting a flower bed in a location like this runs the risk of a car driving over your plants.

Work Out the Details

Details include the measurements for your flower bed, the material for the edging, what sort of soil you want, and which plants you are going to feature within the flower bed. Depending on what flower bed type you have determined you would like to construct, you may want to consult guidebooks and online resources that provide thorough instructions on how to create the flower bed type you have chosen.

Begin Inexpensive Prep-Work Ahead of Time

Constructing a flower bed for your auto flowering pot seeds can be a costly task, but there are some aspects of the flower bed development which can cost next to nothing, particularly when it comes to prep work. Before spring arrives, you should try to do as much work as you can. This doesn’t just mean taking your measurements and preparing your designs–you can also prepare the soil in advance, put down cheap weed screens, and clear out debris and dead weeds from the area you have chosen for your future flower bed.

Perform a Cost Estimation

Lastly, you’ll want to work out a budget and perform a cost estimation for your project. After having looked over some flower bed ideas, determined your flower bed type, and identified a location for your project, your next step should be to determine what you can afford for your auto flowering pot seeds. You won’t want to plan out the significant specifics of your future flower bed without knowing exactly what you can afford, so don’t get too ambitious and start buying rocks for your flower bed’s edging before you have determined how much the project will cost overall.


When spring comes around, individuals in countless different locations will begin preparing their yards and gardens for auto-flowering pot seeds to yield bigger buds. Some more eager gardeners will even commence the prep-work for their gardens long before the ground is void of frost. Though building a flower bed for your auto flowering pot seeds can be an involved process, the beauty of the yard or home feature is well worth the work and maintenance. The first few weeks of having a flower bed can require a considerable amount of work, but the maintenance requirements can drop exponentially if the initial setup of the flower bed is completed properly. 

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