How to Come Down from Weed High

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Whenever you feel like you have reached your limits and it seems like the effects of weed in your body are uncontrollable and something has to be done or you have to keep yourself in control, sleeping is not just enough. 

Maybe you dozed yourself with great smoking with friends or you have eaten loads of edibles with a great amount of THC. Whatever it is, there are various things you may want to do but you can’t as yourself is a bit uncontrollable. 

In this article, we will talk about how to come down from weed. In the next section, we will give you an idea and steps to follow to help you do so. 

How to come down from weed: What are the things to do?

It may be a bit disastrous for you to feel high whenever something important comes up, but you do not have to worry. This section will help you and will give you tips on how you can come down faster from being high from weed. 

The below tips are consolidated based on its narrative reports and the results it has performed to others. These strategies will be able to help you to come down faster. If the first one didn’t help, you can freely try the other one, etc. 

But please take note that these approaches have no defined science studies. We just consolidated these based on their effectiveness to many cannabis users who have used the same techniques that work perfectly fine for them. 

Tip # 1: Relax your mind and body

This may be easier to say than practice especially when you are very much high and seem uncontrollable. Yet, the first thing that you have to do to regulate some air and give yourself and mind some space is to relax. 

All you have to do is to look for a place where you can sit down or lean. This can be a sofa or a bed where you can position yourself. Just breathe in and out slowly. You can try to listen to some relaxing music like the piano instrumentals or the like. This can keep you settled in the first place. 

Staying still and listening to relaxing music for a couple of hours can eventually make you come down from being high and even make you fall asleep. Do not fight the drowsiness. Just go with the flow and let yourself take some rest as having a nap can make a big difference. 

Tip #2: Counteract your high with CBD

This may appear contrary or illogical, but based on many studies, the use of CBD in any way can come down to the boosting high caused by THC. 

CBD is also one of the main common cannabinoid compositions found in marijuana. The only difference is that THC has psychoactive properties that can cause someone high. Meanwhile, CBD doesn’t. It communicates with other brain receptors. 

There may not yet be definitive research about these, but based on various narrative reports, CBD can treat anxiety. Thus, it can also relax someone and eventually come down from being so high. Moreover, CBD can also induce sleep. 

Tip #3: Drink cold non-alcoholic beverages

When you feel that you can’t control yourself but there are things that you can do limitedly, you can try to drink cold non-alcoholic beverages. As much as possible, you can stick to drinking water alone. But, if you do not have any choice, fruit juices or other beverages that are cold and refreshing can be enough. 

But remember, water is always a good option. Drinking water is considered beneficial for those marijuana users especially when the stash can cause dry mouth. This can also be easily grabbed in case you are limited in doing a lot of stuff, like one’s you are high. 

Tip #4: Sniff a black pepper

As per various trusted sources with great science defense, taking a sniff of black pepper can help in coming down from weed. It can relieve someone from stress or anxiety. It can also help those who feel paranoid. 

All you have to do is look for a black pepper container and sniff it. Just draw some air on it but do not ever inhale it. If a black pepper container is not present and peppercorn is, you can crack three peppercorns in your mouth and chew it.  

This may seem unreliable but it is true. If you are familiar with the substance named caryophyllene, this substance is found in peppercorns. One that is very strong and particular as a CBD antagonist, caryophyllene can increase the relaxing and sedating influence of THC and it can result in making its users feel comfortable and soothed. 

Tip #5: Try some lemon

Lemons have great properties that can calm down those who are high from weed. Just like peppercorns, lemon includes limonene that can relax the mind. All you need to do is slice the lemon in half. Squeeze it into the glass. You can either drink it directly or mix it with water. 

If you can’t contain drinking water or the lemon juice itself, you can try the peel of it and put it in the water. It’s either cold or warm water will do. According to various researches, lemon has a great consistency of limonene. 

Tip #6: Eat foods rich in pinene

You can try some foods rich in pinene. Pinene rich foods are basil, parsley, dill, and pine nuts. As most of the examples are herbs, this leaves you with one option which is pine nuts. Pine nuts are seeds from pine trees. 

There are a lot of stores that sell this which you can grab. According to many experts, pinene is composed of calming properties which can help you come down from being high. It can also enhance your focus. 

But did you know that pinene is also one of the terpenes that can be found in many cannabis strains that give such a piney smell? Yes, it is. 

But on this strategy, you have to make sure that you have no allergies from eating pine nuts. If you do, you can ignore this. 

Tip #7: Do some other relaxing things

In this step, if you are in the middle of a party or watching some crime stories of horror films, change it and do something else. While being high from weed, seeing and placing some devastating things in your mind can make your feeling of high even enhanced so all you have to do is do something else. 

If you are watching a horror film, you can change it to something relaxing like the waves of the sea, or birds flying in the sky. You can also try doing some relaxing activities such as reading an interesting journal or stories. 

Tip #8: Do some walking

While you are high from weed, one thing to relax your mind is by walking by yourself in a very quiet place. It can be in your garden or inside the room. It can also be in the kitchen. Walking slowly can give you some air to breathe and space in your mind. Do this for 30 minutes or less. 


While there are many things you can do, relaxing to come down from getting high is one of the best things you can practice especially when you are caught off guard and you have something important to do. 

The list of tips above is consolidated based on their narrative efficiency and effectiveness to many. But take note that these tips have no scientific standards and all are based on experience. If you want to be sure, you can ask a doctor. 

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