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In making business, the volume of production is very important. Likewise, we wanted to generate a lot of buds when we plant marijuana seeds. However, there are a lot of things to consider when planting marijuana to maximize its growth and to produce numerous amount of buds and flowers. Therefore, as a cultivator, we need to plan out and calculate the yield of each plant would conceive. Is it possible to yield out a pound in a single planting of marijuana? That entirely depends upon a lot of factors. This article will look at the factors that affect flowering of cannabis. Likewise, we will estimate how much is a pound of weed on a single harvest.

Factors Affecting the Flowering of Cannabis Plants

Before examination the amounts of seeds needed, let’s look into the factors that affect plant’s growth and budding out. Nevertheless, these factors are important to maximize the yields of the cannabis plants and to bud out more as needed. Respectively, the following includes;


Like any other plant, it is essential for cannabis to grow out with enough light. Light influences the budding and THC levels of the cannabis plant. That is why a lot of people uses grow lights to adjust and optimize light conditions to generate more yields of cannabis. Thus, the wattage and the type of light being use affects the flowering and budding of cannabis plants.


-It is important to supply the cannabis plant with soil nutrients so that it will grow out and bud as needed. As any other plant, it needed Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to grow out. Likewise, it needed some micronutrients to grow out healthy. Preventing it from getting the right amount of nutrients will likely sacrifice off the growth and budding of your cannabis.


When you grow out cannabis, the moderate temperature should be maintained out. This implies that you prohibit growing cannabis into higher or lower temperatures for it will prohibit its growth.

Type of Strains

Cannabis plants grow out according to the type of strain it has. There are strains who flower out with higher yields and there are those who don’t. There are those who stimulate upon different degrees of light, temperature, and water conditions. It is important to examine the type of strain when buying or planting out cannabis.


Supplying enough water to cannabis is essential to keep plants bud out. Compromising this will result to imbalance pH levels and nutrient deficiency which affects growth and flowering of cannabis.

Average Yield per Cannabis Plant

Every marijuana grower needs to understand each plant yield to calculate the total yield to every harvest. If you are starting a marijuana business, then this will be a helpful guide for you before starting it. But nonetheless, it should be remembered that these numbers are estimated and rather depends on the factors listed above. However, to begin, the yield of every cannabis plant varies according to its location whether it’s indoors or outdoors.


The advantage of growing indoors is that you could manipulate the lights and other factors accordingly. Approximately, a gram of marijuana equates to a wattage of light. So, a 600-watt HPS lamp could induce up to 600 grams of marijuana.

So likewise, if you have eight plants with a 600 watt grow light then you’ll likely to get about 21 oz of marijuana or about 1 lbs accordingly.

However, you should remember that the space of the area and the size of the grow lights will affect your plant growth. Congestion of plants into one area could result in malnutrition and damage to all plants since all resides closely with each other.


The bad thing about cultivating marijuana outdoors is that you could control out sunlight and other factors. But if planting goes really good, approximately, the plant will grow yields of 500 grams or about a pound of weed. Likewise, this depends upon sunlight, nutrients, size of container and water that you’ll utilize to your plants.

As compared with both types, if you look at it growing outdoors is much convenient and would yield a lot of marijuana. Yet growing outdoors will expose the plants to risks of extreme weather, thieves, judgmental neighbors, and infestation of pests. As compared to growing indoors, the risks of such matters are less see.

Choosing out Genetics of Marijuana Seeds

In order to have the highest yields for your marijuana, choosing out genetics and strains of marijuana affects its growth. To help you out on deciding what strains to buy, here are some of the recommended strains for growing marijuana. Respectively, the following includes;

Super Skunk

An Indica dominant cannabis variety that produces high yield per plant. This is good for indoor and outdoor cultivation of marijuana with high levels of THC. This is good for its medicinal benefits and is viable on treating anxiety and depression. The buds of this plant have a sweet and citrusy flavor that you will enjoy it.


This type of marijuana is advisable to be grown only indoors. This is a Sativa dominant cannabis and has levels of THC. It is used to various neurological and psychological orders such as a migraine, anxiety, and PTSD. This strain could grow out up to 87 inches so you need to have an area that is spacious. The plant has a coffee-like flavor that you will go to like.

Super Silver Haze

A Sativa dominant cannabis strain that is often grown indoors. It gives off a pungent and sweet flavor as needed. This strain produces tall plants and is often known for its stickiness, strength, and quality.

Amnesia Haze

This sativa strain cannabis plant is ideal to be grown by beginners. It comes with high THC levels and cultivates on tall plants. It is good for planting indoors and outdoors as needed. Also, this plant is good to plant for those who want to smoke out just to get high. Likewise, this is also used for its medicinal benefits treating anxiety, stress, and PTSD.

Gold Leaf

This plant grows best indoors and outdoors especially in a sunny place. This produces very high THC content and likewise, generates high yields of cannabis buds. This grows up to 89 inches and has been used for relaxation curing psychological disorders like PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Sour Diesel

A Sativa dominant cannabis plant that yields tall height (up to 71 inches) and numerous buds. It generates high THC levels and has a medium amount of CBD. It has a lime-like a flavor resembling diesel for which bears its name.

Northern Lights

The good thing about this cannabis variety is that it grows out 39-51 inches tall shorter than the rest of the strains listed here. Likewise, it produces out high yields of cannabis and has high THC levels. This is good for recreational and medicinal benefits in treating out diseases like anxiety, migraine, and hypertension. The plant has a variety of flavor could be sweet, spicy, and even bitter.

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