Hellfire OG Marijuana Seeds

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More About Hellfire OG (fem)

The Potent and Swift-Acting Hybrid

OG Kush is indeed popular among cannabis enthusiasts. It is greatly noted for prompting exceptional euphoric high joint with a body-desensitizing soothing buzz. Unfortunately, this is not an easy strain to cultivate because it would seem to be scrupulous and vulnerable to molds. With the intention to enhance the growth characteristics, OG Kush was crossed to SFV OG Kush. Wherefore, the offspring Hellfire OG got an enhancement in pharmacological value and horticultural traits.

Hellfire OG feminized varies from the choosy trait of OG Kush as the immersion of SFV OG Kush made it more doable to grow. It displays a small structure with stout branches that can support the heavy buds even in the occurrence of strong winds. However, the plant is vulnerable to colds. Thus, it is ideally grown indoors under a temperamental climate.

Hellfire OG emits a modern aroma that surely captivates the senses. It harmonizes herbal, citrusy, and Thai incense fragrance.

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