Haze #47 Feminized

The Haze #47 Feminized is a sativa-dominant marijuana strain that we believe to be the next big thing! With some very strong sativa influences in its genetic structure, Haze #47 is tipped to becoming a staple in any grower’s gardens! It provides just enough THC content to give you a very satisfying high while not being overly powerful in the mind and body. The flavors of Haze #47 are those that will make you think back to the old days of weed. With notes filled with spicy and skunky tastes that just envelop your tongue with bursting flavors, this Haze #47 definitely brings out the old school vibes of weed!

This hybrid is actually known to be a cross of two very distinct and, quite surprisingly, contrasting strains! First off, we have the intimidating AK-47 which is actually quite mellow. On the other end, some Original Haze is also present in the genetic structure to give it this dank citrus taste that we all love. From the head turning appearance all the way up to its final tastes and effects, Haze #47 is one great sativa to have!

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Haze #47 Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-dominant (70% Sativa), Feminized
Genetics Parents: AK-47 x Original Haze
Flowering Period: 8-10 Weeks (Mid October)
Climate: Warm, sunny and humid
Yields: 500-550G/M² indoor and 750-1200G per plant outdoor
Flavors: Spicy, Pine, Skunky
THC Level: 18%
CBD Level: Less than 1%
Height: unknown
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Haze #47 Feminized?

As we have already said, Haze #47 provides smokers with this very captivating profile of flavors that sets the tone for your whole smoking experience. The tastes and smells aren’t overly complicated, as users will easily distinguish the bold profiles that can be found there. The smoke from this is very creamy yet filled with these hints of spices and pine. Along with this, you also get a nice skunky aroma that transitions fairly well to the flavor. While nothing sweet makes itself known there, you can still get traces of lemon and citrus if you cure the buds properly.

Haze #47 represents sativa in all aspects of its highs and effects. Within minutes of smoking these righteous buds, you will begin to feel the quick-acting buzzes in your head. As the strong mind-hitting sensations begin to tighten around your temples, you will be taken into a plane of pure euphoria! This doesn’t exactly cloud your judgement and cause you to hallucinate about things, but it does get kind of trippy at its peak!

The strong mental stimulation will also give you increased senses of focus and alertness. This boost in your motivation can give you a lot more productivity throughout your days! Whether you choose to play some sports or go about with your daily work, you will definitely feel stress-free throughout the high! Who need coffee when you’ve got Haze #47, right!?

What are the Medical Benefits of Haze #47 Feminized?

This Haze #47 marijuana strain also offers a lot of medical benefits for conditions that affect the mind. If you are experiencing mood swings and uneasy feelings that get you anxious and depressed, the stress-relieving effects and happy highs of Haze #47 would definitely come in handy! Because it will contain a considerable amount of cannabinoids which block the receptors in our brains from sending out negative thoughts and ideas, Haze #47 has the ability to get people through their days without feeling fatigued or drained out from stress.

In addition to these medical benefits, HAze #47 can actually come in handy for treating other more serious conditions that users may be experiencing. For example, cannabinoid content can help mitigate the development of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease in your brains. It can also help your mind balance itself out after feeling nauseous from chemotherapy from cancer patients.

Negative Effects you can Expect from Haze #47 Feminized

The THC level of Haze #47 measures up to around 18% on average. While this isn’t exactly the highest value on paper, the sudden intensity that you will feel in your brains can be quite off-putting for some users. Beginners who have little to no experience with smoking weed are very prone to ingesting too much THC since they are unaware of their tolerance levels.

If smokers have too much of Haze #47, they could wind up feeling very dizzy and even nauseous because of the wildly strong cerebral buzzes that come with it. Make sure to use this strain with caution. Since it is quite a fast hitter, you can smoke gradually and see if you have reached your limits.

How to Grow Haze #47 Feminized?

Haze #47 Feminized seeds should be a pretty difficult strain to cultivate so we advise amateur growers to skip this one until they get a better sense of the whole growing process. Normally, this strain isn’t all that resistant to molds and can be quite sensitive to changing climates and temperatures. An indoor setup is best for places with cool climates. However, if your areas contain plenty of warmth and sunlight, then an outdoor growing operation would be great!

Haze #47 produces plenty of yields either in an indoor (500 to 550 grams) or outdoor (750 to 1200 grams) setup. Your harvests will more than likely be blessed with above average measurements of buds! Haze #47 takes quite a longer time to flower. While it is reported to last for around 8 to 10 weeks, other people prefer the results of their crop when left for a week longer! Regardless, you can look towards the mid weeks of October for your outdoor harvests to take place.


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