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More About CBD Harlequin

CBD-rich Non-psychoactive Medical Cannabis

CBD Harlequin is a non-psychoactive cannabis strain such as Charlotte’s Web. It’s Sativa-dominant cannabis that has been crossbred from Swiss and Thai Sativa landraces, a Nepali indica variety, and Colombian Gold. It offers pain relief and can alleviate joint aches. Also, it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is highly beneficial as a treatment medication for neuralgic pain and fibromyalgia.

Traditionally, the word “harlequin” pertains to Italian clowns’ brightly-patterned costumes. While it lacks strong cerebral high because of the mitigating effects of CBD, it’s a great therapeutic cannabis strain that is loved by many. It’s not surprising why this cannabis hybrid won several Cannabis Cup awards.

CBD Harlequin has dense, tight, and medium-sized buds. The leaves are green with varying color pistils from orange to red. It has sticky white trichomes, and the buds smell musky and fruity. The scent includes a combination of earth and wood with hints of citrus fruits and taste of mango.

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