Growing the Best Feminized Cannabis Seeds in the UK

feminized cannabis seeds

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Feminized cannabis seeds are versatile where it can be grown even in the harshest climate. The United Kingdom is one of the countries where growing feminized cannabis can be a challenge, especially outdoor growing. To find a solution to this, growers and cultivators in the UK are still finding ways on how they can maximize their growth even though they are confronted with challenges in their environment.

When it comes to cannabis growing and cultivation in the UK, you will not have a problem with regard to their current cannabis laws because it is actually legal to sell, buy and trade in this country. One of the most popular types of cannabis that is being grown in the UK is the feminized cannabis seed. The UK people who are in the cannabis industry are business-minded, they prefer to grow cannabis strain types that will surely be sold not only because of its potency but with its face value that feminized cannabis plant offers.

Buying Feminized Seeds in The UK

  • You cannot purchase feminized cannabis seeds in the UK for recreational purposes.
  • Feminized cannabis seeds that are sold with low levels of THC are used for industrial purposes for fiber and oil.
  • Uk is known as the greatest exporter of medical cannabis worldwide so expect that you – will be finding the best medical cannabis seeds in the UK.
  • Not only that the seeds that can be purchased in the UK is for medical use but their strain types with less potency are widely used in the industrial field and are used as an animal feed.

Things to Consider in What Kind of Feminized Seed to Grow

  • Price

A competitive feminized cannabis seed should come at a competitive price always. The quality of the seed doesn’t always correspond to the price of the item. To be sure that it is a win-win situation, make sure to conduct your own research to verify if feminized cannabis seeds that you are paying for is worth to its quality. 

  • Convenient

In searching for feminized cannabis seeds, it would be better to find the nearest dispensaries around you. If you have searched for the best cannabis store but your preferred strain is not available then, you’ll just need to visit their website and for sure you’ll find some strains in there that was not shown on the physical store because of space constraints.

  • Wide range of strains

In the UK, there are seed banks that have a physical and online store. Some cannabis physical stores don’t have the ability to display all of their available strains because of space constraints but because of their website or online store, it became possible for the consumers to widely check the strain’s availability for convenience.

  • The hardiness of the feminized strain to be used

No matter how the lineage of that strain is good if the main seed is sick due to some environmental factors then there is a possibility that it will grow unhealthily. So it is best that your seeds came from seed banks that dispense high-quality cannabis seeds. Feminized seeds are a natural strain type that good quality so you’ll just have to look for healthy ones.

The Best Feminized Seeds That Can Grow in the UK

  1. Sour Tsunami


This strain promises that you can reap its medical benefits without worrying about the high and side effects because it only has a THC level that ranges between 1-2%. It has a CBD level that ranges between 11-18% making it a perfect strain to kill pain and inflammation without giving you a couchlock and it has a contribution in alleviating seizure disorders, cancer, alcoholism, insomnia, and stress. Aside from its effects, this strain is known for its distinct smell and aroma of bitter or sour smell with hints of chocolate that can be detected even by smelling raw cannabis flower.

  1. Cannatonic 

This strain is one of the first available high CBD strains that are commercially available in the market in the UK. It is a breed from Reina Madre and New York City diesel that grows like that of Indica characteristics and a taste and aroma of Sativa characteristics. Its CBD level is ranging from 10-17% that delivers medical benefits that are helpful in treating anxiety, spasms, pain, paranoia, and anxiousness. It is a perfect strain to be used on a daily basis.

  1. Pennywise

This strain is from its Indica parents Harlequin and Jack the Ripper that has a balanced cannabinoids level that ranges between 12% to 15%. Its balanced THC and CBD level gives relaxation and therapeutic effects. It gives off woody undertones that have a spicy accent. The CBD content blends well with the THC level that is why even if the THC level is relatively high it won’t give you a high that is not overly cerebral or disorienting that is why consumers would still be able to execute a complicated task and be active in a social setting.

  1. Corazon

This strain is bred from ACDC and Charlotte’s Web that gives a relatively high CBD level of 22.5%. This strain is considered as one of the most highest CBD containing strain that has a high potential in giving healing properties to different ailments. Some of the medical benefits that this strain gives are a pain reliever, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-nausea, and it strengthens the bones. This is a new strain, cannabis experts are still continuing to conduct research about the overall effects of this strain.

  1. Stephen Hawking 

This strain is notable for its high quantity of CBD which is at 22%. Surprisingly, this strain also has an equal amount of THC making it a strain that gives some medical benefits while giving you a psychoactive and cerebral high. This strain is noted for its relaxing vibe but it is also advisable to take caution in taking this strain because you may experience distortions of the mind and senses but on the other side, it treats severe degenerative disorders like multiple sclerosis and ALS.

Final Thoughts

Growing the best-feminized cannabis seeds in the UK is a fulfilling task if you would consider their environmental condition. Most of the growers opt for indoor growing where they can easily manipulate environmental factors, this is not a problem for feminized cannabis strains because they can be grown anywhere as long as you would give the proper care and guidance.

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